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High level of unemployment, is the main reason Nigerian Youths venture into criminality - Hon. Abdulhafees Usamat

In this interview with Vicky John, Honourable Abdulhafees usamat, a leader of the youth from Kaduna South, who has achieved the courage of running the race in Nigerian politics, discussed the problems facing the youth and the steps to take in order to adress them. 

Firstly, can you tell us who is a youth?

Thanks vicky. According to meriam Webster, youth is an attributive time of life when one is young especially the period between childhood and maturity.
She also went ahead to define it as a young person especially: a young male between adolescence and maturity.
So generally I can say a youth is the early period of existence, growth, or development.

Okay, So How can the youths contribute towards the uplifting of the society?

Yes Vicky, This is one of the questions that is very vague in many societies. However we have many ways in which a youth can uplift, make a contribution and see its impact on a bigger picture, firstly a youth must have a legal way of earning for living without engaging in any criminal act you are contributing positively to the society like that. Secondly be contributively spreading positive awareness, Talk to people and encourage them to work for their society. Spread the good values, good manners and good emotions to anybody you meet. Just infect them with positivity and sense of responsibility. Also being a Good Samaritan By picking up your own life and being a productive member of the society, contribute to your community in a positive way. People with criminal tendency, addictions or other vices, often feed on the goodness around them, without giving back anything to the society. Therefore the first step would be to improve yourself so that you don’t start leeching from your surroundings. I believe with all these, a youth will be able to achieve his positive contribution to the society.

Having taken that, what are the problems and challenges facing the youths today?

Of course There are myriads of challenges facing youths in the Nigerian society. The challenges are so enormous that if care is not taken, they make youths to be depressed and loose interest in activities going on around them.
But I will first of all look at this from the angle of unemployment; there is the challenge of putting work programmes in place by the government so as to improve young people’s workability prospects. Youths are neither trained for quality jobs nor for entrepreneurship, which stands as impediments to getting quality jobs. Unemployment is a great challenge facing youths in Nigeria. According to a book written by the faculty of Education Ekiti state university. And I quote “the competent, upright and intelligent youths who had no godfathers or no parents who could give positions to them as gift would never be involved in government” End of quote. i comprehended to this quote which amounts to shutting the doors of leadership on the youths that are ready to use their intelligence to contribute to the progress of this country. Youths with distinctive character and leadership zeal for excellence don’t ask for chance, they create it, they don’t ask for leadership, they work their way to it. Unemployment of these youths lead to criminal acts and for that, they are involved in drug addiction, sexual abuse and all sorts of abuses.
Another major challenge facing youths today is about technology. The society has witnessed a great change in technology over the last few decades and this has altered the way people think about life. This has taken youths away from the culture of interpersonal human relations to more of self-centred individualism, such that self-serving and ego centeredness is the order of the day among the youth.
Then also the Peer pressure, people think, always have negative influences on children but often they are positive role models. Peers also listen to each other, understand the frustrations and challenges being faced by peers and they offer a sense of acceptance and belonging that youths’ needs. Much as positive as these peer groups can be, they can also exert negative influences on youths.
Another trend in the challenges facing youths has to do with poverty and which subsequently has led to the increasing disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest.

(I guess we have a lot to put in place) so honourable Abdul can you please tell what you understands by the power of the youths and the influence of social settings on youth development?

(SMILES) This is a question which am sure most of the youths don’t know the answer to, some of our youths don’t know what they are capable of; they don’t know the power withing them. They don’t know how brave, impetuous, dynamic and self-confident they are. They have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world. They are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in the world. And also for the social settings, I believe the strength and quality of social networks in economically advantaged or disadvantaged neighbourhoods may affect the types of adult interactions that youth experience, which can influence their choice of role models and life course options. In some settings, schools, clubs, worship centres, sports teams, and other community serves as the social mediator for the development of the youths.

Honourable Abdulhafees, what inspired you to speak on youth?

If we look at it like this, a country or nation is dominated by the youths which plays the key role in the society, as james oke UN Population Fund’s deputy representative in Nigeria once stated that 60 percent of the population is under 30 so for that, we really need to emphasize on the youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow so we build them now for a better tomorrow like I have always said “Tomorrow is Now”

What do you think can be the solutions to the problem of the youths today?

Yes, I think this is where we really need to work. we all know that a solution to a problem is the opposite of the problems and since we have been able to mention out the problems then the next thing that’s need to be done is to apply the problem-solving skills which I will like to list firstly you identify the problem(s) which you need to focus on the issue, then try and find out why is this problems occurring, having done that you will now Brainstorm possible solutions to the problem Make a list of all the possible ways you could solve the problem, evaluate and put the solutions into action. Which has to do with empowering the youths, by employing them or entrepreneuring them, doing this will keep them engaged with legal and redsponsible activities. Putting this in a perfect shape will solve almost all the problems facing the youths days.

So finally for the day, Honourable, as a youth-led advocator in the society what advice do you have for the youths? 

Honestly Vicky if I could teach one thing to the youths of today in form of a single advice generally, I will just say love yourself, and because it is the primary priority of a youth to LOVE which brings peace and unity, then my advice to the youths individually is firstly think before you act so as your action should not be regretted later, secondly always find an adult mentor so as to put you through the right part. Thirdly be humble but do not be a follower always. Also try and always maintain your emotional stability. Stay open minded to the opinion of others. And finally establish a set of individual value which will benefit the society.

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