Saturday, October 31, 2020

Governor ElRufai allegedly refused to pay the salaries of close to 300 new staff of Kaduna State College of Education, Kafanchan - Concerned Citizen

Leonard Sam Ali, a Concerned Citizen, has alleged that the Kaduna State Government under the Leadership of Gov. Nasir Elrufai has refused to pay the salaries of close to three hundred new staff of Kaduna State College Of Education Kafanchan, who were employed by the state Government. 
In a lengthy write up sent to Kaduna Political Affairs, he said, "Dear Kaduna Political Affairs, please write to remind Gov. El-Rufa'i to consider paying the close to 300 new staff his government employed for Kaduna State College of Education, KAFANCHAN. Since February these people were given appointments but no single Kobo in the name of salaries. Ask him, did he care to find out how they are surviving for nine months without payment? Why is this happening at a time his government keep saying that they want to improve education in the state? They were given appointments letters the same time with new staff of Nuhu Bamalli Poly and KASU, but those of College are the only ones that are yet to start receiving their salary. This makes people to begin to think whether College new staff are not paid because it affects only southern Kaduna the most. Write please and remind El-Rufa'i to fear his God and respond to this people accordingly. 

When asked if he was part of the new staff, he Said, "No, Sir/Ma. But my brother and about five friends with whom we taught in a private school here in Kaduna were among. I write as a concerned citizen, and owing to the suffering I know these people are undergoing. Most of them left the work they were managing before the appointment came. They accepted it in good fate so that they will serve our state, they started their work before lockdown came.
Through out the lockdown period up to today, non of them is given a single Kobo.
If you publish the story, I will tag all of them in the comment section to testify what I say. They are not talking about it because most of them are afraid to speak out. But I am sure your platform will serve a good purpose in helping them to send a message to the authority.

Kaduna Political Affairs, went further to ask him if the employees had reported the issue to their union or any other relevant body, he said, "The Union, that is COEASU is aware of the issue. In fact, they made effort to ensure the matter settled through the office of the Provost.
They also delegate some of them and met the State House of Assembly Chairman on Education and further their complain to him in August. The same Delegation also met and discussed the matter with Kaduna State Director for Higher Education, who promised to meet and table the issue to Commissioner of Education and the Head of Service, this was in September. But up to  this moment, they have not been communicated with or given feedback despite this effort."


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    1. Pls come to our plight my digital Governor.

  2. Thank you, Oga Sam for bringing this to the knowledge of the State Government. Pray the respond to us in due time and settle this issue once and for all. Thank you once again and God bless.

  3. Sir Ashafa
    This is highly commendable, Mr. Leo. It is indeed troubling because all of us underwent various degrees of hardship due to the delay in paying us close to ten months now since our documentation. I pray the Governor in his good reputation and giant strides toward better education in our State will quickly look into this and resolve it soon. The College produced most of the teachers we have in Kaduna state, a'a such, its staff deserve the best of treatment in ensuring that education in the state is moved successfully to the next level. Thank you, Mr. Governor. God bless Kaduna state and Nigeria.

  4. Dear Our Amiable Governor..
    I have always trusted your ways of governance and i know for sure there's a reason to the delayed of payment of this new staffs of KSCOE..Kindly look into this and do the needful..Thanking u always..

  5. Pls my Governor sir come to our aid🙏