Sunday, October 18, 2020

End Sars: Yamusa Rigasa threatens to call for president Buhari's resignation, if he refuse to use force against protesters

Kaduna APC chieftain, and leader of the Ubaniyya Movement, mallam Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa, has advised President Buhari and security operatives to use force and disperse or arrest all the organisers of #ENDSARS  protest.
He gave the advice today in Kaduna after he watched a viral video of protesters attacking Governor Oyetola Of Osun State.

This is no longer a Peaceful Protest, but a violent one, with uprising terrorism, under the guise of so called sponsored #ENDSARS protest, Yamusa Rigasa said. 

He has also threatened to call for the resignation of President Buhari if he fail to order security operatives to use force to disperse, arrest, beat and incarcerate ringleaders who were sponsored and the entire thugs who participated in the protest .

As far as we are concerned, the federal government has disbanded SARS, why is Mr president and the security agencies allowing thugs to be maligning and attacking innocent citizens and the government officials in the name of #ENDSARS  protest. Are we in anarchy and a lawless state? he asked.

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