Saturday, October 31, 2020

Group threatens to drag Gov. ElRufai to court, if he refuses to contest for 2023 presidency

The Nassiriya Organization in 21 states of the federation has vowed to leave no stone unturned in its resolve to drag the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasiru Ahmad El- Rufa’i into the 2023 presidential race.
Speaking to journalists in Kaduna, the National Leader of the Nassiriya Movement and Zonal Vice Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the Northwest, Dr. Garkuwa Ibrahim Babuga, said already preparations were on top gear to drag El- Rufa’i to court over his insistence on not interested to contest for the presidency in 2023.
Babuga said they had no option than to approach the court because they had spoken to the governor on the issue but he had declined their request.
“We are ready to go up to the Supreme Court,” he said. “We also met his parents and relations but we’ve not gotten a successful answer. We have to go to court. Nigeria is for El-Rufa’i in 2023. El-Rufa’i is fit to be President based on his track records of achievements. “Many people are yearning for the El-Rufa’i Presidency. I don’t have to overblow the trumpet, you all have seen his developmental strides in the FCT and in Kaduna state. He is the best person for the Villa in 2023. “Let’s continue to be loyal and support President Buhari to complete his tenure. But El-Rufa’i as President and successor to Buhari will further unite Nigeria.
“We are appealing to our elders in the North, please forget party differences, we should join forces and rally round El-Rufa’i so that he contest and win the presidency.
“Although he did not answer our call, we are going to court so as to compel El-Rufa’i to vie for the number one seat in Nigeria.
On the 2nd of November, 2020 we going to Court 13 here in Kaduna. Our lawyer is Barrister El-Zubair,” he said.
On Governor El-Rufai’s alleged assertion in the media that he was in support of a president from the south come 2023, the leader of Nassiriya Organization said that was El-Rufai‘s opinion at that moment.
“It was his opinion. All we are looking for now is to drag him into the race. El-Rufa’i will be the best Nigerian President in 2023 by the grace of Allah,” he said.
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High level of unemployment, is the main reason Nigerian Youths venture into criminality - Hon. Abdulhafees Usamat

In this interview with Vicky John, Honourable Abdulhafees usamat, a leader of the youth from Kaduna South, who has achieved the courage of running the race in Nigerian politics, discussed the problems facing the youth and the steps to take in order to adress them. 

Firstly, can you tell us who is a youth?

Thanks vicky. According to meriam Webster, youth is an attributive time of life when one is young especially the period between childhood and maturity.
She also went ahead to define it as a young person especially: a young male between adolescence and maturity.
So generally I can say a youth is the early period of existence, growth, or development.

Okay, So How can the youths contribute towards the uplifting of the society?

Yes Vicky, This is one of the questions that is very vague in many societies. However we have many ways in which a youth can uplift, make a contribution and see its impact on a bigger picture, firstly a youth must have a legal way of earning for living without engaging in any criminal act you are contributing positively to the society like that. Secondly be contributively spreading positive awareness, Talk to people and encourage them to work for their society. Spread the good values, good manners and good emotions to anybody you meet. Just infect them with positivity and sense of responsibility. Also being a Good Samaritan By picking up your own life and being a productive member of the society, contribute to your community in a positive way. People with criminal tendency, addictions or other vices, often feed on the goodness around them, without giving back anything to the society. Therefore the first step would be to improve yourself so that you don’t start leeching from your surroundings. I believe with all these, a youth will be able to achieve his positive contribution to the society.

Having taken that, what are the problems and challenges facing the youths today?

Of course There are myriads of challenges facing youths in the Nigerian society. The challenges are so enormous that if care is not taken, they make youths to be depressed and loose interest in activities going on around them.
But I will first of all look at this from the angle of unemployment; there is the challenge of putting work programmes in place by the government so as to improve young people’s workability prospects. Youths are neither trained for quality jobs nor for entrepreneurship, which stands as impediments to getting quality jobs. Unemployment is a great challenge facing youths in Nigeria. According to a book written by the faculty of Education Ekiti state university. And I quote “the competent, upright and intelligent youths who had no godfathers or no parents who could give positions to them as gift would never be involved in government” End of quote. i comprehended to this quote which amounts to shutting the doors of leadership on the youths that are ready to use their intelligence to contribute to the progress of this country. Youths with distinctive character and leadership zeal for excellence don’t ask for chance, they create it, they don’t ask for leadership, they work their way to it. Unemployment of these youths lead to criminal acts and for that, they are involved in drug addiction, sexual abuse and all sorts of abuses.
Another major challenge facing youths today is about technology. The society has witnessed a great change in technology over the last few decades and this has altered the way people think about life. This has taken youths away from the culture of interpersonal human relations to more of self-centred individualism, such that self-serving and ego centeredness is the order of the day among the youth.
Then also the Peer pressure, people think, always have negative influences on children but often they are positive role models. Peers also listen to each other, understand the frustrations and challenges being faced by peers and they offer a sense of acceptance and belonging that youths’ needs. Much as positive as these peer groups can be, they can also exert negative influences on youths.
Another trend in the challenges facing youths has to do with poverty and which subsequently has led to the increasing disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest.

(I guess we have a lot to put in place) so honourable Abdul can you please tell what you understands by the power of the youths and the influence of social settings on youth development?

(SMILES) This is a question which am sure most of the youths don’t know the answer to, some of our youths don’t know what they are capable of; they don’t know the power withing them. They don’t know how brave, impetuous, dynamic and self-confident they are. They have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world. They are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in the world. And also for the social settings, I believe the strength and quality of social networks in economically advantaged or disadvantaged neighbourhoods may affect the types of adult interactions that youth experience, which can influence their choice of role models and life course options. In some settings, schools, clubs, worship centres, sports teams, and other community serves as the social mediator for the development of the youths.

Honourable Abdulhafees, what inspired you to speak on youth?

If we look at it like this, a country or nation is dominated by the youths which plays the key role in the society, as james oke UN Population Fund’s deputy representative in Nigeria once stated that 60 percent of the population is under 30 so for that, we really need to emphasize on the youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow so we build them now for a better tomorrow like I have always said “Tomorrow is Now”

What do you think can be the solutions to the problem of the youths today?

Yes, I think this is where we really need to work. we all know that a solution to a problem is the opposite of the problems and since we have been able to mention out the problems then the next thing that’s need to be done is to apply the problem-solving skills which I will like to list firstly you identify the problem(s) which you need to focus on the issue, then try and find out why is this problems occurring, having done that you will now Brainstorm possible solutions to the problem Make a list of all the possible ways you could solve the problem, evaluate and put the solutions into action. Which has to do with empowering the youths, by employing them or entrepreneuring them, doing this will keep them engaged with legal and redsponsible activities. Putting this in a perfect shape will solve almost all the problems facing the youths days.

So finally for the day, Honourable, as a youth-led advocator in the society what advice do you have for the youths? 

Honestly Vicky if I could teach one thing to the youths of today in form of a single advice generally, I will just say love yourself, and because it is the primary priority of a youth to LOVE which brings peace and unity, then my advice to the youths individually is firstly think before you act so as your action should not be regretted later, secondly always find an adult mentor so as to put you through the right part. Thirdly be humble but do not be a follower always. Also try and always maintain your emotional stability. Stay open minded to the opinion of others. And finally establish a set of individual value which will benefit the society.
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OPINION: Kaduna State Government, prioritizes Indomie & rice over human lives - Steven Kefas

It is no longer news that Nigeria as a nation has been battling with numerous socioeconomic and security challenges in the last one decade, it is also important to note that these challenges took a dangerous dimension in the last six years of the APC government at both the federal and states levels.

Kaduna in the last six years has risen to become the centre of insecurity in Nigeria only rivaled by Borno state the epicenter of Boko Haram terrorists activities. The last six years has seen Kaduna ravaged by kidnappings, village raids, banditry, extrajudicial killings and other sundry security failures.

The current Nasiru Elrufai led administration has been faced with numerous criticisms home and abroad over what many believed to be poor handling of these security challenges. These criticisms are not unconnected with the state governor's Inflammatory cum irresponsible utterances in the media.

Kaduna state is unarguably the state with the highest number security outfits in Nigeria yet remains the headquarter of kidnappings, banditry etc. Not even serving and retired military men and officers are spared from the security failure. Just recently a serving military gynaecologist with the 44 Army Reference Hospital Kaduna Colonel SB Onifade was abducted by bandits and just last week it was reported by Daily Nigeria, War Desk News and others that the Colonel has been killed by his abductors after a 10m naira ransom was paid.

In August 2020, three school girls, a boy and their teacher were abducted by bandits in Prince Academy Damba-Kasaya community Chikun local government area of the state and till date there whereabout remains unknown. These are just a few of many incidents of of kidnappings and killings across the state.

In all of these challenges, the state government has never been firm and sincere in dealing with the challenges instead in 2016 the governor confessed to paying terrorists herdsmen carrying out acts of genocide in Southern Kaduna compensation to stop killings, an act that only intensified the killings. Some critics are of the opinion that the herdsmen used the funds given to them by the governor to acquire more arms which informed why they now now carry out more successful raids on communities in Southern Kaduna.

Ironically, the same state government that has consistently excused acts of massacre perpetrated by herdsmen is today deploying security forces to search houses of citizens for 'looted' COVID-19 palliatives, this invariably shows what the government's priorities are. 

This search and arrests are obviously illegal because there are no records of any court issuing warrants for such operations. 

Residents of Kaduna have testified to how security helicopters have been deployed to fly over their neighborhoods causing panics among residents. All these are done to identify, arrest and  prosecute so called palliatives 'looters'.

As far as the Kaduna state government is concerned palliatives made up of Indomie, spaghetti and rice are more important than the lives of the Citizens that are being kidnapped, raped, maimed and slaughtered by terrorists and criminal elements in the state. This informed why they could deploy security forces to go after citizens they believed to have 'looted' palliatives instead of going after bandits and terrorists elements who have resumed hostilities in Kajuru after weeks of holidays.
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Yamusa Rigasa, advises palliative distribution committee to copy Senator Uba Sani's method of distribution

Kaduna APC Chieftain, and leader of the Ubanniya Movement, Mallam Yamusa Rigasa, has advised the palliatives distribution Committee across the country to copy Senator Uba Sani's method of distribution. He added that if they truly want the palliatives to reach the poor and Vulnerable, then they should come down to Kaduna central senatorial district in order to ask how the senator representing Kaduna central, senator Uba Sani was able to reach millions of residents withing a short period of time.
In a post via his official Facebook page; he said, If the palliative distribution committee across the 36 states really want the targeted Vulnerable people to get their palliative, then they should come to kaduna Central senatorial district for them to ask how Senator Uba Sani successfully and managed to reach two million households in their various villages, cities and nooks and crannies of kajuru, Chikun, Igabi, Birnin Gwari, Giwa, kaduna South and North local government areas.
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Governor ElRufai allegedly refused to pay the salaries of close to 300 new staff of Kaduna State College of Education, Kafanchan - Concerned Citizen

Leonard Sam Ali, a Concerned Citizen, has alleged that the Kaduna State Government under the Leadership of Gov. Nasir Elrufai has refused to pay the salaries of close to three hundred new staff of Kaduna State College Of Education Kafanchan, who were employed by the state Government. 
In a lengthy write up sent to Kaduna Political Affairs, he said, "Dear Kaduna Political Affairs, please write to remind Gov. El-Rufa'i to consider paying the close to 300 new staff his government employed for Kaduna State College of Education, KAFANCHAN. Since February these people were given appointments but no single Kobo in the name of salaries. Ask him, did he care to find out how they are surviving for nine months without payment? Why is this happening at a time his government keep saying that they want to improve education in the state? They were given appointments letters the same time with new staff of Nuhu Bamalli Poly and KASU, but those of College are the only ones that are yet to start receiving their salary. This makes people to begin to think whether College new staff are not paid because it affects only southern Kaduna the most. Write please and remind El-Rufa'i to fear his God and respond to this people accordingly. 

When asked if he was part of the new staff, he Said, "No, Sir/Ma. But my brother and about five friends with whom we taught in a private school here in Kaduna were among. I write as a concerned citizen, and owing to the suffering I know these people are undergoing. Most of them left the work they were managing before the appointment came. They accepted it in good fate so that they will serve our state, they started their work before lockdown came.
Through out the lockdown period up to today, non of them is given a single Kobo.
If you publish the story, I will tag all of them in the comment section to testify what I say. They are not talking about it because most of them are afraid to speak out. But I am sure your platform will serve a good purpose in helping them to send a message to the authority.

Kaduna Political Affairs, went further to ask him if the employees had reported the issue to their union or any other relevant body, he said, "The Union, that is COEASU is aware of the issue. In fact, they made effort to ensure the matter settled through the office of the Provost.
They also delegate some of them and met the State House of Assembly Chairman on Education and further their complain to him in August. The same Delegation also met and discussed the matter with Kaduna State Director for Higher Education, who promised to meet and table the issue to Commissioner of Education and the Head of Service, this was in September. But up to  this moment, they have not been communicated with or given feedback despite this effort."
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ABU, Zaria Loses Dr. Salihu Bappa

Dr. Salihu Bappa of the Department of English at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria is dead. He is scheduled to be buried Saturday, October 31st, 2020 in Zaria.
His is the passage of one of the academics who gave Theatre Arts at Ahmadu Bello University its radical and guerrilla flavour. A product of the University of Ibadan and a student of Wole Soyinka, Dr. Bappa was, in fact, with the Nobel Laurete in Stockholm, Sweden when Soyinka collected his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986.
Before he gained admission to the then Jos Campus of the University of Ibadan and the subsequent transfer to heartland Ibadan, he attended Gindiri Boys High School, Jos. It was along with Tanimu Abubakar, one of the most solid remaining literary theorists in contemporary Nigeria. Dr Bappa did his graduate studies in the sub-Department of Drama at ABU, Zaria where he entered academia and remained for the rest of his life.
Professor Jibrin Ibrahim who is his contemporary in those years in Zaria told Intervention how seriously Dr. Bappa took propagating popular theatre, especially in the small peasant settlement called Bomo near Samaru Campus of ABU, Zaria. Bomo was the ground for operationalising Hausa traditional theatre packaged under the framework of “Kallonkowa” within the larger idea of community theatre which has been part and parcel of the Theatre Arts academic programme in Zaria.
Prof Tanimu Abubakar, Prof Ahmed Babajo and Prof Umar Buratai who were late Bappa’s colleagues in the Department of English, ABU, Zaria added, among others, how he acted in both ‘Cockcrow at Dawn’ as well as in ‘Magana Jari Ce’, the collection of stories in Hausa which the NTA was producing but in English.
The three academic colleagues disclosed how Dr. Bappa’s specialisation was in performance, not in essays or books as such. It is not surprising that the academic essay that came up against his name in a quick search is a 1981 essay titled “The Maska Project: drama work for Adult Educators”. He was a judge of the Association of Nigerian Authors, (ANA) Literary Prizes as late as 2017.
In the tendency schisms which characterised the Ahmadu Bello University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, (FASS) in the 1980s, he was in the Zaria Group which was ideologically opposed to the PRP ideologues led by the equally late Dr. Bala Usman. The now defunct Zaria Group did not think the People’s Redemption Party, (PRP) or the politics of the Bala Brought Ups, (BBU) followed correct theoretical cum doctrinal lines and that it was bound to be consumed by the contradictions of such approach to politics. But that was in the early 1980s before the coup against the Shagari regime in 1983.
As a person, he is generally described as a gracious soul. Again, Prof Jibrin Ibrahim was spot on in describing him as very jovial, extremely active and always in a hurry. The dramatist in him could never be missed. Dr. Bappa retired from the services of the university about six months ago but remained in Zaria.
His last four years have been one of a health challenge, the story of which must be told for the lessons in it for the living even as that goes against the journalistic principle of not disclosing anyone’s medical details. A heart or heart related ailment troubled him. He had been to Egypt, Dubai and India for medical attention. In all these places, doctors declined to carry out any operation on him because they thought he would not survive it. It was a US based Nigerian Professor of Medicine who established a medical facility somewhere in Southwestern Nigeria that eventually carried out the operation.
Authoritative sources close to the process told Intervention he was told point blank that he had just 10% chance of surviving the operation. On the other hand, he had no more than three days to live if he chose not to undergo the operation.
He chose to undergo the operation. Miraculously, he survived it, or it was successful although he was told he was unlikely to live longer than four years thereafter. That is almost exactly what has happened.
In other words, Dr. Bappa is a message to Nigerians in many respects. One, Originating from Jos, educated in Ibadan and a student of our own W. S, (Europe has her own W. S in William Shakespeare while Africa has its own W.S in Wole Soyinka), Bappa taught and lived in Zaria. Two, one of the most active and restless souls in his adult life came to confront the sort of medical challenges he confronted in the evening of his life. That draws attention to the mystery of life. Third, he is a message in how we would not need to embark on medical tourism if we could be less careless as a nation to put this house in order.
Dr. Bappa was between 65/66 at death, leaving behind seven children, four boys and three girls.
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Thursday, October 29, 2020

OPINION: Since the palliatives were meant for the poor and the vulnerable, i urge that government should let them go, because the people that looted them are also poor and vulnerable - Eddy Hyacinth

The Kaduna State government has started to cordon and search households suspected to be holding looted palliatives, food items and other items. If caught, would be treated like common criminal. As i am texting this, someone that i know has been caught with the food stuff and other items, handcuffed like a common criminal.  Government has the responsibility to create enabling environment for businesses to thrive, provide infrastructure, and employment for teeming youths. Unfortunately, there is death of textiles industries in kaduna, people are living from hand to mouth. A drowning man when given a sharp knife will grab it because that is the only available thing within his grabs. Government has pushed the people to the wall and the only way out for them to survive was to resort to looting palliative items. In as much as i hate vices, i call on government to thread with caution  especially on the matters of retrieving palliative, it might be counter productive. Since the palliative is meant for the vulnerable and the poor households, i urge that government should let it go, because the people that looted them are Nigerians, poor and vulnerable. As for the looting of private and individual businesses, it is not right, it is unacceptable, that is pure stealing. I urge the looters to make restitution and return those items to their owners.
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Open cattle routes, Southern Kaduna Peace Committee tells farmers

The Southern Kaduna joint Peace Committee inaugurated by the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev. Monday Pam has urged farmers in the region to open all cattle routes as trans-urban herders will be returning for grazing as they approach dry season.
Co-Chairmen of the Committee, Professor Ben Gugwong and Dr. Ahmad Yande gave the advice during a courtesy visit to the 12 Chiefdoms and Emirates in Southern Kaduna.
The Committee while at Agwam Bajju Palace in Zonkwa the headquarters of Zango Kataf local government area of Kaduna State and at the Chief Palace of Kagoro respectively in Kaura local government, the duo disclosed that one of the remote and major causes of the Herders/Farmers clashes that need to be immediately addressed is blockage of cattle routes.
According to them, the 10-Man committee was inaugurated to consolidate on the already peace effort built and continue to find lasting solutions to handful problems that are still existing in some parts of the region.
The committee also urged the Chiefs to help talk to their subordinates who will also assist in conscientising the local farmers at the grass roots about the Cattle routes to ensure peace is totally restored in the areas.
Responding, the Agwam Bajju 1, His Highness, Mal. Nuhu Bature commended the committee for their tactfulness and for working for peace in Southern Kaduna.
The traditional ruler, appealed to the Committee to help advise both the farmers and herders to stay away from the Kurmin B Forest which has been reserved for history.
The committee is expected to finish its mandate on Friday and to handover its reports to Governor Nasir El-Rufa’i for implementation.
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Kaduna Electric to distribute 1 million prepaid metres

The Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (Kaduna Electric) will on Friday, commence the distribution of one million prepaid metres to electricity consumers in its franchise States of Kaduna, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara.
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kaduna Electric, Engr Garba Haruna, said at an interactive session with journalists that customers would not have to pay upfront for the meters.
“We will not ask you to pay for metre upfront. We will just roll out the metres and sort out ourselves. It is an initiative with the Federal Government. We will do it in such a way that you don’t even know you are paying for the metre”, he said.
He explained that the project would be carried out in the next three years, while about 80,000 units of the metres would be installed between the end of October this year and January 2021.
“The scheduled timetable for the installation of the prepaid metres is being developed, quickly and the company would be forced to withdraw its services from any community or consumer that may reject the installation of the new metres,” he said.
“We are ready to roll out mass metres starting from this Friday. We are coming up with a scheduled timetable that will indicate when this will happen from one community to the other because we cannot metre communities in four states in a day.”
“Already, we have connected thousands of communities but we are not getting our money back. We are getting only 40 per cent payment in these already connected communities and that is not good for the business.”
“In the next few months of this mass metering project, we are targeting 80,000. We will increase the number to 500,000 and more in three years and at the end of the day, we may end up metering one million customers in three years because we have up to one million customers in our franchise states.”
“In agreement with the regulating agency, anybody that rejects metre, we shall withdraw our service and allow the person to use alternative power sources.”
“Let me clarify here once again that, we don’t collect money from customers to buy equipment and people should stop contributing money at the community level under the guise of procuring electricity equipment.”
“When we identify a community where 70-80 per cent of customers are not paying, we will take our service away from them. So, when you see anyone not paying or bypassing the metre, you must report such things just the way you will report when you don’t have supply because it will affect you at the end of the day.”
“Our customers should get prepare for more power supply because we cannot withhold the energy once we have it. Energy being billed is the energy being consumed,” he said.
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4,000 beneficiaries to get CACOVID palliatives in Zaria - Official

The Coordinator, CACOVID Palliatives Distribution for Zaria Local Government, Malam Sabiu Sani, said about 4,000 poor and vulnerable people have been earmarked to receive CACOVID palliative in the area.
Sani disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Zaria.
The coordinator who is also the Permanent Secretary, Kaduna State Ministry of Agriculture, said the package would be distributed across 13 wards of the local government.
He said that the package would be distributed to the beneficiaries before Nov. 3 and each beneficiary would receive 10 kilogrammes of rice, one carton of pasta and two cartons of noodles.
Other items to be distributed are five kilogrammes of maize or cassava flour, five kilogrammes of sugar and one kilogramme of salt. 
He said that the ward distribution teams would also draw the list of poor and vulnerable beneficiaries that would benefit from the programme.
He added that each ward will have not less than 300 beneficiaries.
According to him, the committee has been given three days to submit the list of beneficiaries to the coordinator.
“Upon presentation of the list of beneficiaries to the coordinator, the package will be delivered to the beneficiaries under the close supervision of security personnel, media and other key stakeholders,’’ he said.
He said the state government has already distributed the palliatives to the various local government areas.
The coordinator said the decision to use a coordination team was to ensure that the package got to the targeted beneficiaries.
Sani said that adequate arrangements had been made with security agencies to ensure a hitch-free exercise.
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OPINION: The Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Hon. Thomas Gyang, is not guilty of the alleged diversion and hoarding of palliatives - Edward Auta Pama

There are so many things I hold to be true and thus never to be compromised. One such thing is to be true to my conscience and just to all men, irrespective of religion, region or political affiliation. I shall therefore never seek to score any political point by spreading lies or half-truths knowingly against anything or anybody. I stand therefore on my belief that corruption and theft is thriving under the APC-led governments at all levels more than at at any other time in the history of this country. The NDDC case, Magu probe and a host of other allegations of scandalous proportions speak volumes.
I also stand by my strongly-held belief that resources budgeted or donated for providing palliatives to the poor and vulnerable members of society during the lockdowns were largely mismanaged, diverted or stolen while the people for whom they were meant were left to wallow in hunger and want.
But, on the subject of the recent looting of palliatives in Kaduna, I did allege in a post I made on my timeline on...with the theme "hoarding by a commissioner in his private residence", I was wrong - and I admit it - as nothing of such actually happened. My position, however, was based on the facts available to me at that time. I am not afraid to abandon a position if I ever have superior argument or facts to warrant my doing so.
Therefore, I wish to share the truth as I have now come to discover it based on my own research. The facts are that:

The property in which the Palliatives were stored does not belong to the Honourable Commissioner, Arc. Thomas Gyang, even though it has been used severally by the Budget and planning ministry, the Chikun LG Palliative Committee, as well as other politicians for safe keep and subsequent distribution of items during the lockdowns. The office of the Budget and Planning ministry is under renovation and that explains the use of the property for some of its activity. 

The use of the facility is due to its having a very large store in it.

The palliatives in question arrived Kaduna (as in all other states of the federation), and to the said storage facility about three weeks ago meant for distribution to the poor and vulnerable in Chikun LGA using the state's social register.

Chikun LG Palliative Committee and NOT the honourable commissioner, therefore,  had resolved to keep the Palliatives in the said residence as usual in view of the absence of a secure warehousing facility in the Local Government Area.

That it was not the first time the facility would be used for temporary storage of Palliatives before onward distribution to the target.

Having stumbled on these new sets of facts therefore, it is important to review my position on the matter, so that I do not fall victim of hoarding the truth. 

Mr. Gyang-the Honourable Commissioner for Budget and Planning is certainly not a saint. He must have made several mistakes in the discharge of his duties, and may even mean many things to different people; he might be seen as corrupt, selfish, nepotisitic, uncouth or unkind to many. That is not the thrust of this post. On the issue of the Palliatives, however, I wish to state that based on my findings he is not guilty of the alleged diversion and hoarding of palliatives as he is being made to be. In fact he is not SOLELY in charge of Palliatives in Chikun Local Government Area. The Commissioner is only but a victim of circumstance. And, although I have many personal reservations against his person, I shall not suppress the truth in order to score any political or personal point. YES, HE DIDN'T DIVERT OR HOARD THE LOOTED PALLIATIVES.

Obviously, whatever is happening today across the nation is a product of the needless suffering and pain Nigerians have been subjected to, as well as the secrecy that has often shrouded public social programmes. If there was collaboration between the government and civil society organisations, religious organisations, community leaders, the media and even the opposition parties in the planning and distribution of the palliatives ever since, there would have been credibility and public trust in the process. This should serve as eye opener to those who wish to learn.
I pray as always, that our dear state and country survive this onslaught. Amen.
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Helicopters flying over Kaduna town are on operational missions

The Kaduna State Government has stated that there is no cause for alarm about the persistent presence of military helicopters in the skies over Kaduna. 
The helicopters and other air platforms are on security operations against bandits in several locations of interest in the state.
Government issues this clarification to give feedback to the citizens who are genuinely committed to peace, law and order in Kaduna State. 
There is no need for apprehension about these operations. Residents of the state should ignore the false narratives being peddled about this military campaign on social media. 
The Kaduna State Government appreciates the sacrifices, commitment and patriotism of the officers and men of the Armed Forces, Police, DSS and other agencies participating in the ongoing operations across the state.
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Jaba Local Government, distributes 2nd tranche of Covid-19 palliatives

Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State, has distributed the second tranche of COVID 19 palliatives provided by the state government. 
Addressing the traditional leaders, representatives of various groups and associations along side the jubilant crowd of beneficiaries, the Coordinator and Chairman of Jaba Local Government Palliative Committee, Hon. Ben S.D Kure, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters, appreciated the  Executive Governor of Kaduna State, His Excellency, Mallam. Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai for his kindness and generosity towards the good people of Jaba Local Government, especially the vulnerable households.
 He said that the kind gestures of the governor to the vulnerable groups in Jaba Local Government with the second tranche of food items is a clear demonstration of His Excellency's visionary leadership which prioritises the interest of the common man.
The Coordinator and committee Chairman on palliative also appreciated the leadership of Jaba Local  Government, the traditional council and the youths of the council for their peaceful conduct during the entire exercise.
He said that considering the recent violent conduct of youths in some other parts of the country, he was highly delighted with the peaceful conduct of the youths in Jaba Local Government, especially the manner in which they organised themselves to support the security operatives in safeguarding the items.
 He stressed that such virtuous act demonstrated by them is quite remarkable and worthy of recommendation. He added that such peaceful conduct by our children is a testimony of a long legacy of peaceful existence we are known for which has long been entrenched by the traditional leaders under the able leadership of His Royal Highness, Dr. Danladi Gyet Maude, oon. He profusely applauded the youths,  the royal fathers, the spiritual leaders and the entire council for its  peaceful conduct.
The Executive Chairman of the council,  Hon. Benjamin Jock  also towed the same line with the SA to the governor in his remark. He praised the state governor for his magnanimity to the people of his council,  praying for more of such humanterian services to the people of Jaba and Kaduna State general. 
The Honourable Chairman also recommended the SA to the Governor (Matters Political) on his second missionary journey to Jaba Local Government. He appreciated him for his fairness and good representation of his people, saying that the people of Jaba Local Government are indeed proud of him. 
The Honourable Chairman equally appreciated the youths for not resulting to violence as seen in the other part of the country. He appreciated them for making the council proud through their peaceful conduct and prayed for God to bless them in all their ventures .
To the beneficiaries, he reminded them of the generosity of the governor and urged them to always pray and support the success of all government programmes. He however charged them to use the food items judiciously. 
The Honourable Chairman concluded by appreciating the security operatives for their sleepless nights in safeguarding the items.  He prayed for God to continue to protect and blesse them in their sacrificial service to nation.
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Kaduna APC chieftain warns Buni-led committee against tenure elongation

A Kaduna State chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, Alhaji Yusuf Ali, on Tuesday, warned the Governor Mai-Mal Buni-led Caretaker/Extra-Ordinary National Convention Planning Committee, against seeking an extension of its tenure.
Ali argued that the six-months given to the committee was sufficient to reconcile members and organise a national convention to elect new leaders.
The party chieftain issued the warning in a statement, in Kaduna, on Tuesday.
He said, “A majority of party members indeed welcomed the Buni-led caretaker committee with open arms. And the committee also enjoyed widespread support across the party-especially when it commenced the reconciliation of estranged party members.
“We are aware that the caretaker committee has a six-months tenure within which it is to reconcile aggrieved members due to the poor handling of the party by the former Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole. He is to set in motion a machinery to organise an extra-ordinary convention to elect the party’s National Working Committee.
“However, four months down the line, there are speculations in the media on alleged moves by the Buni-led committee, to seek an extension. I am appealing to them not to follow that trajectory even though; the committee hasn’t refuted the media report.
“The Buni-led Committee has no business fishing in troubled waters. Its work is cut out for it. It is to reconcile members and conduct elections and nothing more. I will advise that all other fundamental reforms should be left to the incoming leadership to carry out.”
“I hope that by the end of October, 2020, the interim leadership of the APC should announce the time-table and subsequently appoint the convention planning committee for the conduct of the extra-ordinary convention, which is to come up some time in December.
“Anything beyond the conduct of the extra-ordinary convention by Buni, will be counter-productive and will further breed controversies and discontent within the APC.”
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

KDSG relaxes curfew in all 23 LGAs, permits movement from 6am to 6pm

The Kaduna State Government has reviewed curfew hours throughout the 23 LGAs of the State. 
From Thursday, 29th October 2020, citizens can move and pursue their lawful business from 6am to 6pm. 
Movement is restricted during the night-time curfew hours of 6pm to 6am.
Government appeals to residents of the state to remain vigilant, report criminals and continue to operate with the security agencies.
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Land and air components, clear bandits locations in Kaduna State, neutralize scores of bandits at Yadi, Says Defence HQ

The Land and Air Components of Operation THUNDER STRIKE have neutralized scores of armed bandits in a joint offensive operation to clear identified bandits’ camps in the Yadi and Kufai Shantu areas of Giwa Local Government Area (LGA), Kaduna State. The operation was executed on 24 October 2020 on the heels of credible Human Intelligence reports as well as series of aerial surveillance missions that led to the identification of the hideouts of a notorious bandits’ leader and his fighters. 
The first wave of the Air Component’s air strikes, which involved 7 Nigerian Air Force (NAF) aircraft undertaking 12 missions in a total of 23 sorties, commenced at dawn and targeted a cluster of huts housing notorious armed bandits’ leader, named Buhari Halilu. The attack aircraft destroyed some of the target structures and neutralized several bandits. The second wave of attacks, which targeted the bandits’ hideout at Kufai Shantu, was aimed at incapacitating the bandits at the location to reduce resistance to the ground troops advance towards Yadi.
Following the Air Component’s fixing efforts at Kufai Shantu, the Land Component, supported by an attack helicopter, successfully assaulted Halilu’s hideout at Yadi, clearing 2 of 3 objectives. The ground troops subsequently fought through fierce resistance from bandits hiding under the foliage at the third objective and eventually overpowered the criminals, eliminating several of them. The Air Component provided effective support to the ground troops during all phases of the operation.
The Military High Command commends the Land and Air Components for their professionalism and urges them to remain resolute in the conduct of operations in order to eradicate all armed bandits. Furthermore, the Armed Forces of Nigeria sincerely appreciates the continued support and cooperation of all well-meaning Nigerians, as it keeps up the tempo of operations to defeat all enemies of the Nation.
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Cartoon Of The Day, Courtesy of Punch Newspapers

Cartoon Of The Day, Courtesy of Punch Newspapers
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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Kaduna State University

This is to notify all Staff and Students of Kaduna State University that the ongoing examinations will continue tomorrow Wednesday, 28th October, 2020.

Management expects students to be orderly in their conduct during this period.

Best wishes.

Samuel S. Manshop
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PHOTONEWS: Kaduna State Government, conducts house to house operation, in search of looted palliatives

Kaduna State Government, conducts house to house operation, in search of looted palliatives
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"If you can identify him i have food for him," Didam Laah responds to viral photo of an unknown man picking food particles from dirt

Invicta FM's on air personality, Didam Laah, has reacted to the viral photo of an unknown man, who was seen picking slippers, pieces of carpets, trapped noodles from dirt, after the looting of a warehouse at Tanko Tete Crescent, Barnawa.
In a post he made on Facebook, the on air personality said whoever is aware of the man's whereabouts should kindly contact him, in order to deliver food to him. 

A journalist spotted this man Sunday afternoon, picking what he could lay his hands on (slippers, pieces of carpets, trapped noodles from dirt etc) after the looting of an alleged warehouse at Tete Crescent, Barnawa (adjacent to BBS Suite). 
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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Our officials will be live on Invicta FM (98.9) Kaduna today 27th October, 2020 from 3:00 to 4:00pm - Kaduna Electric

Our esteemed customers in Kaduna State can tune into Invicta FM 98.90 and listen to our officials discuss critical issues affecting Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry from 3pm to 4pm today, 27th October, 2020.
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ElRufai doesn't practice what he preaches, Steven Kefas says, as he reminds Gov. ElRufai of a tweet he made against curfews

Kaduna social media enthusiast, Steven Kefas, who is known for his fierce criticisms towards Governor Nasir ElRufai, has again sent subliminal shots to the Governor. 
In a post he made via his official Facebook page, he reminded Governor ElRufai of a post he made on Twitter, years before he became the governor of Kaduna State, condemning the past administration for imposing 24 hours curfew in the state. 

In a 2011 tweet, Mallam Nasir El-rufai said, "Kaduna: Does it make political & economic sense to impose a 9pm-6am curfew in a democracy?
Is this not multiple violation of human rights?"

Reacting to the throwback tweet of Governor ElRufai, Steven Kefas said, "Today this same guy as Governor has imposed more 24-hours curfews than any Nigerian leader dead or alive including one meant to protect 'palliatives' (foods) which is still active in Chikun and Kaduna South. 
In Elrufai i see the real definition of the word hypocrite and hypocrisy. 
He is always guilty of saying what he cannot or will not practice."
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Expired drugs looted in Kaduna – NAFDAC

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has warned residents of Kaduna State on the health risk of drugs allegedly looted from a warehouse in the state.
NAFDAC gave the warning in a statement issued by the state Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr Samuel Aruwan, made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Sunday.
The agency said that the items were looted on October 24 in a warehouse located at Narayi in Chikun Local Government area of the state.
It said that “the looted items, included expired, prohibited and dangerous drugs”, adding that anybody who consumed such drugs risked serious illnesses and death.
NAFDAC also quoted the management of a food processing company, whose stores were also looted in Kakuri, as saying that the stolen grains had been treated with chemical preservatives.
It said that such chemical preservatives had rendered the items unsafe for consumption.
“Residents of Kaduna State are hereby notified to be vigilant and careful about the sources of the food and medications they take and where they buy them, to avoid these dangers.
NAFDAC, on behalf of the Kaduna State government, appeals to the public for information on the identities of the looters and where they might be hiding the stolen items,” it said.
The statement, which quoted the NAFDAC Director-General, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, as expressing shock over the said looting and mindless destruction of the agency’s property at the warehouse, thanking God, however, that no life was lost during the incident.
Adeyeye commended the state government for taking prompt action to safeguard the health of the citizens.
NAFDAC, however, said that it had made concerted efforts to beef up security around its facilities nationwide to forestall a recurrence.
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Monday, October 26, 2020

KDSG relaxes curfew in 21 LGAs, retains 24-hour curfew in Chikun, Kaduna South continues

The Kaduna State Government has accepted the recommendation of the security agencies for a significant relaxation of the curfew in 21 local government areas. However, the 24-hour curfew will continue in Chikun and Kaduna South LGAs until further notice. 
From Tuesday, 27th October 2020, residents can pursue their lawful business between 6am and 4pm daily. Curfew hours will be from 4pm to 6am, in all local government areas except Chikun and Kaduna South.
As the security assessment noted, criminal attempts to violate life and property persist in two local government areas. Therefore, the 24-hour curfew remains in place in Chikun and Kaduna South local government areas. Residents of these two local government areas are advised to remain in their homes as efforts to normalise the situation continue. 
Markets, offices and commercial centres, hotels and recreation centres in the two LGAs are to remain closed during the 24-hour curfew. Social and mass gatherings are also prohibited in these areas until further notice. As essential services, hospitals and medical facilities are expected to open and offer services during this period.
Persons with useful information on the criminals who have engaged in looting should please call the Kaduna State Security Operations Room on 09034000060 and 08170189999.
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NSCDC warns Kaduna residents to obey 24-hour curfew

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Kaduna State command has issued a stern warning to all residents in the state to obey the 24-hour curfew imposed in the 23 local government areas of the state to avoid breakdown of law and order.
The state government had declared 24 hours curfew throughout the 23 local government areas of the state since Saturday evening.
Following the 24 hours curfew, the State Commandant of the corps, Nuraddeen Abdullahi, in a statement on Sunday morning said he has directed all Area Commanders, Divisional Officers, Head of Departments and units to ensure full mobilization of personnel and deploy them in every nook and cranny of the state to ensure full compliance with government’s directive.
According to the statement issued through the spokesman of the command, ASC Orndiir Terzungwe, the measure was to safeguard communities, protect lives and property and contain criminal elements who are looting public and private assets.
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PHOTONEWS: Unknown Man picks slippers, pieces of carpets, trapped noodles from dirt, after the looting of a warehouse at Tanko Tete Crescent, Barnawa

Unknown Man, picks slippers, pieces of carpets, trapped noodles from dirt, after the looting of a warehouse at Tanko Tete Crescent, Barnawa.
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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the 24-hour curfew imposed in the entire State, the Vice-Chancellor of KASU has approved the postponement of examinations

Due to the 24-hour curfew imposed in the entire State by the Kaduna State Government, in order to help safeguard communities, protect lives and property and to contain criminal elements who are looting public and private assets, the Vice-Chancellor, Kaduna State University, on behalf of Senate has approved the postponement of examinations scheduled for Monday, 26th and Tuesday, 27th October, 2020 to a later date. 
A suitable and convenient date will be announced in due course. 
The Vice-Chancellor regrets any inconveniences the postponement may cause.
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We weighed option of keeping COVID-19 palliatives in anticipation of second lockdown - KDSG

After widespread looting of warehouses, the Kaduna State Government has explained why it did not distribute COVID-19 palliatives to the people during the lockdown.
On Saturday, the government announced curfew across the state, but the hoodlums and residents defied the curfew to continue with the orgy of looting and destruction.
The state however came under sharp rebuke for its alleged refusal to share the items provided by CACOVID, a private sector-led initiative to assist the government in combating the Coronavirus disease in the country.
But in a broadcast to the people of the state, the acting governor of Kaduna State, Hadiza Balarabe, said the state initially weighed option of keeping the palliatives in anticipation of a second wave of lockdown.
But in a broadcast to the people of the state, the acting governor of Kaduna State, Hadiza Balarabe, said the state initially weighed option of keeping the palliatives in anticipation of a second wave of lockdown.


My dear people of Kaduna State,

1. I address you today in a difficult moment, caused by the attempts of criminal elements to undermine the law and place lives and property in danger. Brazen acts of looting of public and private property, and the vandalisation of premises occurred yesterday, the 24th day of October 2020 in locations within Chikun and Kaduna South local government areas.  
2. To protect lives and property and uphold public order, your government was compelled to impose a 24-hour curfew that was at first limited to the affected communities, and then extended across the state.
3. We commend the vast majority of the people of Kaduna State for being law-abiding and for not allowing criminal actions in their communities. We regret the inconvenience that this  statewide curfew might have caused for such persons. The curfew is a difficult but necessary step for containing the violence and preventing it from infecting peaceful communities. I wish to assure our people that we will keep reviewing the security situation while doing our utmost to protect citizens and their property. I appeal to all residents to comply with the curfew and help us accelerate a return to the normalcy that decent citizens deserve.
4. Today, we have inspected many of the locations where criminal actions of looting and vandalisation occurred. We have offered our sympathies to the persons whose homes and businesses were affected. Much of the looted property is a threat to public health, including the expired and dangerous drugs that were taken from NAFDAC and the 8000 tons of chemically treated soybeans stolen from a private feeds processing company.
5. We have met community leaders and made it clear that what happened yesterday will not be tolerated. There can be no excuses for the crimes we have witnessed. The state is obliged to find and prosecute those involved in the criminal actions that unfolded yesterday. For the sake of every law-abiding and hardworking citizen, we cannot indulge those who think they are exempted from the obligation to respect the law and the right of others to their lives and property. Those who instigated these actions and who sadly persist in incitement should also expect to hear from the law.
6. There can be no other word but theft for describing the looting of food items donated by CACOVID. These items were kindly provided to all the 36 states by the generosity of a private sector coalition. The CACOVID donations were not hoarded by the government or any of its officials. Rather, the government was ready to commence distribution in all the local government areas, after taking pains to arrange a fair and efficient system.
7. Kaduna State received the last delivery of CACOVID items after lifting the lockdown, at a time when the state’s Covid-19 figures were rising. The government considered the real possibility that a second lockdown might be required. Therefore, it weighed the prospect of using these donations to mitigate the lockdown were such to happen. The government did not wish to rely again on donations by public servants in Kaduna State that had funded the first two rounds of palliatives distributed in the state.
8. However, the government subsequently decided to distribute the CACOVID items to vulnerable citizens, using the lessons from the distribution of the items purchased by the state government during the lockdown. One of these lessons is about better targeting of beneficiaries in order to ensure fair spread across local governments. The local government coordinators and ward committees were tasked with identifying vulnerable persons in areas where the Social Register data was unavailable.
9. Recall that the state had purchased and distributed palliatives in two phases across the 23 local government areas. However, new guidelines were included for CACOVID distribution at ward level to help ensure a fair spread and ease the movement of beneficiaries to pick the items. The items are bulky and its easier and cheaper for them to pick up at the ward level rather than centralized locations in the LGA.
10. Arrangements for distributing the items had been concluded, such that each beneficiary knew where they would be receiving their items as supervised by ward committees who in many instances do not personally know the beneficiaries.
11. We have gone to these lengths to explain how we have been handling CACOVID donations as part of our duty of political responsiveness. The items looted do not belong to the persons that stole them. They were meant to support the most vulnerable in our midst. Mob action cannot replace the methodical steps taken to identify these persons and arrange for them to safely receive the items.
12. I wish to thank the security agencies for their hard work in averting a spiral of violence and for arresting some of the persons involved in looting. I call on all the people of Kaduna State to uphold law and order, and to cooperate with the security agencies as they enforce the curfew. We call on citizens to remain vigilant as security reports indicate that persons desperate for bloodshed and anarchy continue to seek avenues to shatter the state, using rumours, fake news and incitement. We call on traditional rulers, community and religious leaders to assist security agencies to fish out the criminals involved in the regrettable spate of looting. We acknowledge the citizens who have been active in verifying information and combatting fake news.
13. In spite of the difficulties and challenges of this moment, let us all continue to uphold peace and harmony and obey the law. I pray God to bless everyone.
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Saturday, October 24, 2020

24-hour curfew extended to the entire state - KDSG

The Kaduna State Government has extended all over the state the 24-hour curfew earlier imposed in some communities in Chikun and Kaduna South LGAs.
This measure is taken to help safeguard our communities, protect lives and property and contain criminal elements who are looting public and private assets.
The extension of the 24-hour curfew to all the 23 local government areas of the state is effective immediately.
KDSG will keep the situation under review and regrets the inconvenience it may cause to law-abiding citizens. 
The state government wishes to appeal to all residents of the state to kindly bear with the government as it takes necessary action to maintain law and order, and to protect the right of citizens to live in peace.
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KDSG imposes curfew in parts of Chikun and Kaduna South LGAs

The Kaduna State Government has declared 24 hour curfew in some communities in Kaduna South and Chikun Local Government areas, effective immediately. 
The areas are Barnawa, Kakuri, and Television in Kaduna South Local Government Area and Maraban Rido, Sabon Tasha, Narayi and Ungwan Romi of Chikun Local Government Area. 
Security agencies have been directed to arrest and prosecute any found violating the curfew and those responsible for breakdown of law and order. Security agencies have further been directed to effect the arrest and prosecution of anyone found looting and destroying properties.
KDSG strongly condemns the concerted incitement being done on social media. The government appeals to all our communities to reject incitement and resist the attempt to create chaos and anarchy.
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PHOTONEWS: Residents of Kaduna, Loot COVID-19 Palliative Warehouse

Kaduna residents, broke into a house allegedly owned by Thomas Gyang, Kaduna State Commissioner for Planning and Budget, at Tanko Tete road off Gwani Avenue, Baranawa, kaduna, and carted away food items with Palliative boldly written on the items, which suggest they were meant to be shared to the masses during the Covid-19 lockdown.
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You asked for speech, you got the speech, now you are speechless – Shehu Sani

Reactions have been pouring in, after President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians.
Shehu Sani, a former senator who represented Kaduna Central in the last Senate, reacted to Buhari’s speech, and in a poetic tone opined: “You asked for speech, you got the speech and now you are speechless.”
Nigerians had since the inception of #ENDSARS protests demanded to be spoken to by Mr. President. But after his speech a lot of Nigerians became more furious, stating that his speech did not adress the key issues.
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Odinkalu loses fundamental rights case against Kaduna govt

A former chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Chidi Odinkalu, has lost the fundamental human rights case he filed against the Kaduna State Government.
Justice Peter Malong of the Kaduna Division of the Federal High Court on Thursday dismissed the case and awarded costs against Mr Odinkalu.
In the ruling, Justice Malong upheld the state government’s argument that Mr Odinkalu’s affidavit was incompetent because it was not personally deposed by him.
The court therefore asked Mr Odinkalu to pay cost to each of the four respondents in the case.
Mr Odinkalu’s lawyer, Ballason Gloria Mabeiam, said on Twitter that the cost awarded against her client is N5000 (five thousand naira) to each of the respondents. But the lawyers to the Kaduna State Government said it is N500,000 per respondent.
The respondents are the director of public prosecution, Kaduna State; the governor of Kaduna State; the commissioner of police in the state and the inspector-general of police.
Ms Mabeiam also said her clients would appeal the judgment. 
Recall that in February 2019, Mr Odinkalu spoke on live television about events in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State.
He contested an announcement by Governor Nasir El-Rufai that the state government had received reports of casualties in the area.
Mr Odinkalu insisted that his sources told him nothing happened in the area, and accused the state government of making up the story for electoral gain.
The Kaduna Government, in March 2019, approached a magistrate court to summon Mr Odinkalu while accusing him of offences that include injurious falsehood, inciting disturbance and furnishing false information.
The government said the offences are punishable under sections 77, 373, 104 and 150 of the Penal Code Law of Kaduna State.
The state government also applied for and secured an order of the court for the police to investigate the allegations against Mr Odinkalu and report the outcome to the court.
Mr Odinkalu lost his first effort to quash the case as the magistrate court dismissed his preliminary objection and assumed jurisdiction to hear and determine the case.
He also lost his attempt to have his fundamental rights case to be heard in Abuja, as the trial judge at the Federal Hight Court transferred the matter to its Kaduna Division.
Court papers indicate that Mr Odinkalu has also approached the Kaduna High Court to quash his trial by the Chief Magistrate Court. Hearing in this application for judicial review is expected to resume next week.
Ahead of Thursday’s judgment, an array of individuals and local and international organizations had circulated a joint statement describing Mr Odinkalu’s trial as a breach of his rights to freedom of expression.
The group had urged the court to consider the case as an opportunity for the judiciary to reinforce the fundamental rights to freedom of expression, access to information, and civic participation.
It said the case brought by Mr Odinkalu would have important impact on the rights of people in Nigeria to voice their opinions in matters of public interest and question those in authority.
The organisations and individuals had also urged the judiciary to ensure that the protection of human rights aligns with the Nigeria’s constitutional, regional and international human rights obligations.
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Zulum, other northern govs hold emergency meeting in Kaduna

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state, eight governors from the north, and three deputy governors converged on Kaduna Thursday for an emergency meeting.
Sources from the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House said the meeting was chaired by the governor of Plateau state and chairman of the northern states governors’ forum, Mr.Simon Bako Lalong.
Although details of the meeting were yet to be made public, journalists were told that it would not be unconnected with the situation in some parts of Nigeria where there was chaos. Zulum departed Maiduguri and arrived Kaduna airport for a meeting that is expected to discuss crucial issues that may include preventing the crisis in northern states in respect of pockets of violence experienced in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja,” a source has said.
At the meeting were governors of Sokoto, Yobe, Kebbi Nasarawa, Gombe, Zamfara, and the Niger States and Deputy Governors of Kaduna, Kano, and Kogi.
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Friday, October 23, 2020

#EndSARS: Zangon Kataf Youths Present 12-Point Demand To Government

Hundreds of youths in Zango Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State, on Thursday, presented a 12-point demand in solidarity with the #EndSARS protests currently ongoing across the country.
The protests, which began from St. Francis College, terminated at the local government Secretariat in Zonkwa.
Presenting the demands to the council chairman, one of the leaders of the protest, Mr Moses Peter Boman, said the youths were demanding an end to bad governance and accountability from their elected and appointed representatives.
The youths also requested that their elected representatives should rise to their responsibility in defence of their people especially in the face of oppression.
While calling on the management of Kaduna Electric to address the problem of epileptic power supply across the local government, the protesters lamented that most of the people who depended on power for their businesses have been sent out of business because of lack of power.
One of the protesters, Mr Ezekiel James, called on the government to do more in the area of resisting and flushing out bandits, kidnappers and rape that is on the increase.
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