Thursday, September 10, 2020

Southern Kaduna Protest: Blogger recounts his ordeal with Police officers

Popular Kaduna blogger, Cimax Yaron Mudi, has recounted his ordeal with police officers in Kaduna state, at the venue of the protest against the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna. 

In a social media post, he said; " Something funny and scary happened today.
I came out to join the youths of southern Kaduna to protest, on reaching Peagout junction, i saw armed police men and with their vehicles, all I thought was, they were there to protect the protesters against attacks,  
unknown to me that this men are there to arrest and chase away the youths coming out to protest.
I was there right 9:21am
when I was trying to reach out to Edward Gajere for numbers to confirm if I was at the right spot then my airtime got exhausted,  on looking for where to get recharge card,  Boom,  a police man called me and started questioning me.
His questions were getting into me
but no o,  that Lagos agbero mindset made me bold.

In his word 
" What are you doing there" 
Me - I'm trying to get airtime to make a call

Police man - But you are burning the one on your phone already,  where are you heading to

Me - ***** ahh why this question

Him - Why are you on black,  because we are here because of them and will arrest them

Me,  ahh Oga, shey  I no fit wear black again? 

Police man - it's because you are still very young and with no protest boards or papers else I will take you 

Oya find road! 

Southern Kaduna will rise again! 

It would be recalled that the protest was cancelled after security operatives came out in mass to arrest the protesters, with the excuse that there is a ban on protest in Kaduna state.

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