Thursday, September 24, 2020

OPINION: When we don't exalt and respect our own, outsiders will use us to praise and exalt theirs, By Smart k

I should not be misunderstood when I say not every life matters.
Agwom Adara was brutally killed, in a very abusive and disrespectful manner, and his council were not even left to mourn the gentle monarch in peace amidst the pains of his demise, rather the Adara elders were unlawfully detained and remanded in prison. He was also a first class chief, whom deserved to be honored considering the circumstances that led to his death. He died actively in service because he was returning from a state function. Nevertheless, i want to thank all Christians for upholding to the teaching of Christ in mourning and publicly expressing their love for the late Emir of Zazzau, may his gentle soul continue to rest in peace, amen.
Furthermore I sympathize with the people of Zazzau emirate and the kaduna state government, most especially Zaria local government council.
I cannot count the number of Christians who's Facebook profile pictures and story lines are filled with the late emirs pictures in honor of his life time, which is the opposite of what our brothers did when Agwom Adara was kidnapped and brutally killed later.

Was Agwom Adara not worth the public holiday then?
Why is the Adara nation still left in mourning, as the footstool of the Adara nation is still left empty?
Did the Adara people declined from accepting the appointment of a new Paramount ruler?
I hope answers will surface anytime soon

God bless the government and the good people of Kaduna state, especially the people of southern kaduna.
I urge us all to pray for the repose of their souls amen.

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