Thursday, September 10, 2020

OPINION: We can not all be in opposition, it will not help us, By Eddy Hyacinth

I congratulates all SK people who had been apointed by Elrufai and who are working for the growth and development of Kaduna State particularly Joy Akut my kith and kin from Kukum. We can not share the same opinion in life, as our faces are that is how our opinions differ. Every one is entitled to his own opinion. I belong to a school of thought that says," draw your enemy closer". You can't make change in isolation, you need to be part and parcel of a system to make change. If you feel that it is a sell out for those SKs working under Elrufai it is your own personal opinion. You are not God to judge them because you don't know what is in their hearts. We can not all be in opposition, it will not help us. You can't pack all your eggs in one basket. Let us pray for our brothers to suceed, and let us correct them in love. A house divided against itself will not stand. Shalom!

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