Monday, September 28, 2020

OPINION: NO Shaking must shake in 2023, Ekene is coming, By Daniel Katung

It is no longer News that the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency are sick and tired of Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde, popularly known as no shaking. It is also not news that he has been the House of Representatives member, representing Chikun/Kajuru federal Constituency for over a decade, with nothing tangible to show. 
Aside the incessant killings/kidnappings in Chikun/Kajuru Local Government, the roads are horrendously bad. Not for a day, have i heard nor seen a Constituency project, initiated or completed by the said honourable, aside his hotels.
To the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency, our mumu never do? For how long are we going to continue to allow such a failed representative to toy with us? I think it's time for us to begin to see beyond party line. Winning the ticket of our favourite Political party shouldn't guarantee the success of a candidate in an election, it's time we change that. Promoting someone who has failed his exams over and over again will only give the person the liverage to be lazy. It is time for No shaking to shake, cause Ekene is coming.
Though i am a die hard supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party, which hasn't changed, i don't see myself supporting the PDP in 2023 if they make honourable Yakubu Barde their candidate. We are sick and tired of him. And that's something the PDP should respect. Failure to do that, some of us would support Hon.  Ekene Adams, with the whole of our hearts. The man has done so much, and is still doing alot for the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency, and Kaduna State at Large. I don't know him in person, i've never met him, but his philanthropic works are evident. If everyone would campaign like Hon. Ekene Adams, then alot of persons would be alleviated out of poverty, instead of the usual vote buying during elections. He is a rare gem i must confess. A good option, incase PDP fails to do the right thing. So it's up to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to do the needful, or we'll move!

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