Wednesday, September 9, 2020

OPINION: Nasiru Jagaba should criticise Cafra Caino on another issue, not Kajuru Festival - Joy Akut

Someone should help me remind Nasiru Jagaba the former SOKAPU youth leader that he is a political scientist that should ordinarily know that a society functions well when political, economic and social activities which include any kind of carnival, festival etc thrive.

Remind him that the populace get what they want from the government not only by means of revolution but also with their participation by means of involvement towards achieving positive development.

Remind him that, Southern Kaduna isn't running a parallel government with the popular one, and that anyone who has formed an opinion on that only drags the region backwards.

Even though he knows it like i do, he should also be reminded that terrorist depends on his and his like minds kind of propaganda to thrive.

Isn't it better he picks on Cafra on another issue than make an insult of a well organised festival which intention is to bring the people more closer, to promote peace and unity, to generate income inform of revenue, to enhance economic activities etc? 

Kajuru has seen it dark hours and need to move on, conservatist shouldn't interfere in it progressive process. It is getting out of hand.

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