Wednesday, September 9, 2020

OPINION: It is totally a lie to say that the security challenges in Kaduna is terrible because a journalist is the commissioner of internal security and home affairs, By J.F Dabo

Over the days the news item against the present office of Hon. Samuel Aruwan, the Honourable Comissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs has been flying under the theme: 'Elrufai's Pick of a Journalist as 'Head of Internal Security' Explains Growing Insecurity in Kaduna." I resisted making comments on this news item but now feel compiled to given the fact that those who I expect to be more matured in handling these issues are the agents of broadcasting this news item.

To start with, I am very well aware that I will receive insults and accusations both to my face and behind me for making this stand bare. But the fact is, we are part of the decay of the society when we remain mute about decays on the basis that we are playing safe. Secondly, that this piece is written from an objective stand not to justify the appointment of Samuel Aruwan, but to emphatically establish that the position of the author of the said news item is unfortunate.

Let me quickly note here that the time is now, for us to make right our part or forever remain wailers. Southern Kaduna, over the years I have come to realize that you are more a victim of your offsprings  than of other regions of the state. The southern Kaduna youths too, those with the voice now, we have too much enslaved ourselves to men and women who have built a fortune for themselves and a future for their families and this slavery is the enemy of our progress. 

A man who will support you with your rent today and tomorrow and next is not the man that wishes you well. We have lost our minds with all our intelligence and have reduced ourselves to mere beggers even on our stolen thrones. We have sold our pride, voices and intelligence to the service of greedy, selfish few individuals who had opportunities in the past and misused them and now that the reality hits them they want to make rubbish of others. Take this home guys; no matter how evil a person is, banking on his weaknesses to bring him down is never a strategy of good fellows.

Back to the matter, let us establish some premises. The office of the commissioner is a public office with yardstick for justifying the qualification of an appointee to that office, secondly, Samuel Aruwan is not the first person to be elected into an office that is out of his profesaion, a third premise will be that the law did not establish that appointees to the office of the commissioner of internal Security and home affairs must be trained security personnels, a fourth premise is that the office of the commissioner is by no way the office of the Inspector General of Police, or Commissioner of Police to use just this to make a case, A fifth premise is that it is not the commissioner that literary executes security strategies but his is to simply oversee the affairs of those who primarily are employed to fix that. This being the case, how wrong is his Excellency Mallam Nasiru El'rufai in appointing Samuel Aruwan to that position? If his appointment to that position is improper, on the bases that he is a journalist and not a trained security personnel, doesn't it mean that it is wrong to also have the President as the Commander in Chief of the Arm forces as the office is not restricted to military personnels? 

Sadly, there are other pressing matters that need to reach the news desk that has nothing to do with the occupant of the office, if the news item was done in good faith, then it was wrong timing. The question I would have asked the author if he stood before me is to inquire, knowing that Samuel Aruwan is not a security personnel, what have you done to help him live up to expectations since he has been trusted with that responsibility.

It is totally a lie to say that security challenge in Kaduna State is this terrible because a journalist is the commissioner of internal security and home affairs. Let me quote in the author's words "Given the issues in place and how government seems to be struggling with, on how to defeat these bandits, the governor boldly appointed a professional journalist, Mr. Samuel Aruwan as head of internal security which isn't his area of specialty. That clearly explains why the state is still struggling under the yoke of terror." No, that position is unfair, unfortunate and cannot be told of as written in good faith. Sadly the article did not point out the areas that Samuel Aruwan has failed, it merely build on a petty and cheep ground of his being a journalist. It made me wonder, is the author the only person in Nigeria and the world that doesn't know that the best persons performing greatly in their offices are actually not performing more because they are trained in the field, but because the put their heart to it? Who told you that the best politicians are those who read political Sciences or administration? Who told you that the mighty successful business men and women are those who read business studies or business administration? Who told you that the most accountable leaders are trained in accounting. This indeed is cheep.

Southern Kaduna need to start asking questions. Is Samuel Aruwan the only Commissioner or Government appointee that is serving in an office that he is not trained to? Do we not have have commissioners in zone one who are equally appointed to the offices that may be perceived as having no technical know-how of? Do we hear them make such notices trying to bring down their brothers in power?

The good southern Kaduna Son will help Samui Aruwan with his prayer, good advice, time, and even resources to achieve success in his office. a truly selfless southern Kaduna man who is sincerely working for the progress of southern Kaduna will support to push southern Kaduna sons and daughters that have been blessed with responsibilities to go higher and not bring them down, we've got to change our mentality and start living for all.

A truly GOOD MAN or GOOD WOMAN will not try to pull down even the person occupying the office that they have eye on. Good people don't pull down, they push up. Bad people don't push up, the pull down. And do you know why good people push up? The push up because whatever is up, you have a share in good or bad, and that which is down, or beneath you, your stake in it is most times a responsibility too demanding. The man above you is an asset, the one beneath you is mostly a liability. 

Wisdom is to push the man who is blocking your chances up so that his going up will creayt the vacancy for you to occupy. In that way, you would have added more blessings, building good relationship, and reducing the number of people depending on you alone. Pulling the man who is blocking your opportunity is to hurt relationships, keep the land from progressing, add to the number of people depending on you. And worst so, the more dependants you have, the more your chances of not growing.

Until we start thinking for ourselves, talking and writing words that are only ours and not those of others whose intentions we may not truly know, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, copying and pasting pieces that we are convinced are building and not destroying, we are going to walk in perpetual backwardness.


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