Wednesday, September 9, 2020

OPINION: It is NOT Kaduna urban renewal but Kaduna North urban renewal, By Ambrose Bernard Gowong

Its NOT Kaduna urban renewal but Kaduna North urban renewal. This is because Kaduna metropolis consist of 4 local governments: Igabi, Kaduna North, Kaduna South and Chikun. So far and to be benevolent with words, 90% of the "Kaduna urban renewal" infrastructures either completed or are at different stages of completion are concentrated in Kaduna north local government.

Yes, there are traces of work done in Igabi particularly the road leading to the train station and the link road to airport. In Barnawa lowcost (Kaduna south) traces of link roads abound and at Gonin Gora a major link road yet to be completed. Summed up all these completed or ongoing projects in Igabi, Kaduna South and Chikun together its no where close to TWO PROJECTS completed in Kaduna North.

Am aware of some projects to be carried out in Chikun, Igabi and Kaduna south, but these projects are either looking abandoned or are within the framework of "paper presentation". Until they receive the kind of attention Kaduna North is receiving, it remained what it is " paper Tiger".

As a staunch supporter of Elrufai, that i am, I see the nomenclature "Kaduna urban renewal" as a misfit and would rather suggest "Kaduna North urban renewal" as it stands now with just 3 years out of 8 to close shop.

Disclaimer: this observation only covers physical infrastructures like building of new public places (malls), roads, culverts etc within Kaduna metropolitan area and do not cover building of fences at public places or some reorganization carried out in schools, Agriculture, health care delivery etc please.

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