Wednesday, September 9, 2020

OPINION: If El-rufai said that it is the turn of the South to produce Nigeria's president in 2023, it means that it is also the turn of the southern part of kaduna to produce the next Governor, By Hon Bamaiyi Maiyawa Ishaku

Let me start by quoting His Excellency Gov. Nasiru El-ufai; "Presidency should return to the South in 2023, no justification for a Northerner to take over power after Buhari's 8 years tenure" 
In reference to his statement, there will be no justification for his Excellency Gov. El-rufai to endorse someone from the Northern part of Kaduna, to take over power after his 8 years tenure in kaduna state. 

As a good leader, a man of the people, proving to show good exemplary leadership, i wish to state this, categorically, that i respect the Gov. His Excellency mallam Nasir El-ufai, as a man of reasonable and morally up right brought up. If Gov. El-rufai is justifying the fact that the leadership of the country  should go to the south in 2023 at the federal level, then he should also justify that of the Governorship of kaduna state be return to kaduna south.                    
"As stated, the general political consensus in Nigeria is that the presidency should be rotated between the North and the South. This is well understood by every elite and even the average, uneducated, and common man in the street". This rotation of leadership should not be restricted to presidency, let it be applicable to Governorship.

I want to draw us back to the chronicles of leaders in kaduna state, since the return of democracy in 1999. Former Gov. Ahmed Makarfi was elected and sworn in on 29 may 1999, completed his 8 years tenure. Arch. Namadi Sambo was also elected and sworn in to office on 29 may 2007. Thereafter, Gov. Namadi Sambo was accidentally and luckily picked as the vice president to replace president Jonathan, when it was compulsory for Jonathan to take over from Yar'adua and continue as the president according to the constitution, after the dead of Yar'adua in office. Gov. Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa the then deputy Gov. of Kaduna state took over as the Governor, being the first christian from the southern part of kaduna to become Governor in the history of kaduna state. Unfortunately, sir Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa died in office after a successful victory of his second term bid, which he won in 2011. The unfortunate aircraft explosion led to the compulsory take over of another leader from the Northern part of kaduna, his deputy Ramalan Yero.                               
And when the 2015 election came, another leader from the north emerged as the Governor in respect of mallam Nasiru El-rufai.
After his first tenure, he re-contested, won, and was sworn into office as elected Governor. 

If mallam El-rufai said that it is the turn of the South to produce Nigeria's president in 2023, it means indeed that it is also the turn of the southern part of kaduna state to also produce the next state's Governor. This will show that charity begins at home.

I want to state that this article is not a constructive criticism rather a constructive opinion and view to appeal to his Excellency Mallam Nasiru Ahmed El-rufai to look into his statement in supporting the south to produce the president in 2023 and also apply the same view in supporting and making kaduna south to produce the next Governor of Kaduna state.
I hope this constructive opinion will get to the Governor.            

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