Saturday, September 19, 2020

OPINION: Honourable Umar Yakubu Barde and Hon. Ishaku Chawaza, should explain to the people of Chikun Local Government, why they failed to deliver, By shady Awoma Jasper

Let's forget about being sentimental and partisan, let's talk about the act of good leadership.
Let me call on the attention of my constituency leaders, Hon. UMAR YAKUBU BARDE and Hon. ISHAKU CHAWAZA. Can you two explain to the Good people of Chikun Local Government, the reason why you can't join hands to at least construct good Roads and also try your best in tackling the issues of insecurity in your constituency? At least even if you pick Sabon tasha Road as a constituency project, is enough, instead of keeping mum. I challenge you to stand up and do something positive to your people, let their blessings fall upon you instead of curses. God bless our Chikun leaders and also the good people of chikun.

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