Thursday, September 10, 2020

OPINION: The development in Kaduna is only touching one side of the state - Sheba Namikyen Livinus

This is the road to Sabo GRA and Ungwan Bulus on Sunday, while I was going to church in the morning, I saw the red car hooked, and when I closed and was going back, I saw the second car, the bikes are scared of following the road,wen u stop a bike man and tell him Ungwan Bulus or sabo GRA from My church he will say he is not going. Imagine someone telling me that it's #150 I will pay before he will agree and take me home, a place I normally go for #70 or #80. I had to trek all through till I almost got home before I saw a bike and I ended up spending thesame amount i was supposed to spend from the church to my house. 
And then someone is hailing the APC for the new WAF road when it's obvious that the development is only touching one side of the state that is mostly dominated by the muslims and hausa people. But the sides dominated by Christians and the SKs are going from bad to worse everyday. The government are not fair to us gaskiya.  We are also part of the state and so we deserve to be treated right, like everyone else.

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