Thursday, September 10, 2020

Only those with sincere heart can resolve Southern Kaduna crisis – Apostle Kure

Apostle Emmanuel Kure of the Throne Room Trust Ministry, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, has stressed the need for Fulani leaders to come out and categorically tell Nigerians the truth regarding the killings going on in parts of the country.
He asserted that most of the killings happening in most parts of the country involved the Fulani herdsmen.
Speaking in Kaduna on Sunday on the 2nd White Sunday of corporate prayers and protest against the Southern Kaduna killings organized by the state Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Apostle Kure explained that the government and politicians should stop talking for the Fulanis.
He expressed dismay that the President Buhari-led government hates the word ‘National Conference.’
“Everybody hates the word National Conference, particularly this government, they don’t like the word National Conference but whether we agree or not, Nigerians must talk to each other.
“Nigerians must talk again regardless of whatever name the government gives it. But this time on that table, they should call the Fulanis, their real leaders to come and sit in that National Conference as an entity because they claimed they are the highest in population in Nigeria,” he emphasized.
Speaking on the lingering crisis in Southern Kaduna and the way forward, he said, “Even if the President has to leave Aso Villa and come to Southern Kaduna and just greet everybody, the killings will stop.”
He lamented that there is a high level of despair and pain in the hearts of the people, adding, “These killings have to stop and have to stop now.”
Apostle Kure said the Church is praying and giving the people hope and waiting on the government to resolve the issue, pointing out that in the meantime, the Church is calming the people as they are restless.
He noted that for the crisis in Southern Kaduna to be permanently resolved, it needs a man with a pure heart to sincerely, without any bias mind, tackle the problem squarely to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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