Friday, September 25, 2020

No Peace without Justice, Southern Kaduna Leaders Reply President Buhari

In their separate reactions to the president’s message, where he called on the residents of Kaduna to embrace peace and live together like brothers and sisters, the Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter of CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayap, and the President of the SOKAPU, Hon. Jonathan Asake, described the president’s comments as his usual rhetoric, that failed to address the security challenges facing the country.
According to Hayab, peace does not thrive where there is no justice.
Hayab urged the president to direct his call to “the state governor and his team, who think blackmailing citizens by calling them names is their way of resolving matters.”
Hayab maintained: “Ordinary people in Kaduna love peace and had been working hard to sustain the peace efforts but when those who should drive the process choose to abandon the good and true road to peace, what you see and hear is lip service about peace.
“You cannot find peace where justice is a scarce commodity. You may get a cosmetic peace but it has never lasted long. I wish to advise the government to take the UN (United Nations) theme for this year’s International Peace Day,‘Shaping peace together,’ seriously.
“Even the almighty UN knows that you can only make peace and shape it together.”
Also in his reaction, SOKAPU president said,  “That is his own usual rhetoric; this is not the first time he is making this type of comment.
“I recall when similar killings were going on in Benue State; instead of taking steps to apprehend the murderers, he simply said the Benue people should accommodate their neighbours.
“Who are the neighbours? The killers? So, we in Kaduna are not surprised with the comments coming from him because it is rhetoric and it is very unfortunate of a leader.
“Instead of finding solutions to the problem that has plagued our communities; he is saying people should live in peace.

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