Thursday, September 10, 2020

Kaduna Sinkhole Caves In Again After Repairs

Barely a week after the repair of a section of the Kaduna-Zaria express way following a sinkhole that occurred on August 30, the same area on Sunday caved in, forcing the need for a major rehabilitation.
A sinkhole had appeared on the road and part of the bridge close to the Kaduna International Trade Fair complex, which was constructed about 60 years ago after two trailers carrying cement passed on it.
The Federal Ministry of Works had moved to site and began reconstruction works two days later but shortly after the completion of repairs, the area caved in again causing heavy gridlock on the express way.
Correspondents who visited the area observed major construction work ongoing as caterpillars and men from the Federal Ministry of Works were busy retracing the earlier work that was done.
Mohammad Abdullahi, a sugarcane seller who witnessed the second incident, said he was by the roadside preparation sugarcane when a heavy truck and a tricycle approached the road.
The tricycle was in front; suddenly the truck began honking for the tricycle to give way. In the process, the trailer held its break near the same spot that was repaired and the truck began shaking heavily before the spot caved in again.”
He noted that that absence of incoming vehicle averted a catastrophic situation adding that “as the spot cave in, one of the rear tyres of the truck busted but the driver did not stop and eventually park somewhere at the close.
Those that were around and saw what happened hastily looked for leaves to cover the area while the local vigilante waved at incoming cars to slow down and began to control traffic. Several vehicles plied the road in that condition but carefully avoiding the damaged area for few days before the engineers returned to site to repair.”

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