Thursday, September 10, 2020

I will initiate the process, Steve Kefas responds to a post urging kachia/kagarko constituents to recall Hon. Gabriel Saleh Zock

Honourable Gabriel Saleh Zock, a house of representatives member representing Kachia/Kagarko federal constituency, in an interview with Channels Television, said the Governor of Kaduna State mallam Nasir Elrufai is working tirelessly to unite the people of Kaduna in order to bring lasting peace; adding that the public outcry is from those who are misunderstanding him.

The interview obviously didn't go down well with the people of Southern Kaduna, who accused the lawmaker of siding with the Governor, instead of saying the obvious truth.

Joshua Danjuma, a social media user, made a post on Gurara forum, charging Honourable Gabriel Saleh Zock's constituents to recall him.
He said; "All Kachia/Kagarko must do is to gather 1/3 signatures from registered voters in their constituency first, then INEC will organise a referendum. Recalling a law maker is constitutional under the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria. Sections 69 and 110 provides for the manner by which recall may be effected in both federal and state legislative houses. They need to come up with a petition alleging loss of confidence in that joke called Gabriel Saleh Zock. The petition must be signed, & arranged according to polling units, wards, the two local governments he represents.
The bitter truth is that this moron is still coming back because his constituency would be cajoled and deceived with few money few months to election & stand to be re-elected.
I am embarrassed to say that I once campaigned for this fraud. Such a disgrace!"

Reacting to the post, popular Kaduna social media enthusiast, Steven Kefas, who on several occasions have accused the lawmaker of being grossly incompetent, said; "I will initiate the process."

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