Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Heavyweight Supporter Of the Peoples Democratic party, Dr. John Danfulani, set to withdraw his support

As long as Kaduna Political Affairs is concerned, Dr. John Danfulani is one of the most influential personalities, on/offline. He rose to fame in Kaduna State's polity after playing a vital role in senator Nenadi Usman's campaign, and his clash with Gov. Elrufai few years ago, which showcased him to mainstream media. Over the years, Dr. John Danfulani has been an unrepentant critic of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a stunch supporter of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP). 
However, his recent social media posts suggests that he is no longer on good terms with the leadership of the Peoples Democratic party (Kaduna State's chapter) which might lead him to jump to another ship. Revealing his intentions in a recent social media posts, he said; "Special Announcement 

I wish to tell folks that my days in PDP are numbered. PDP is no religion. Yes it is not. Cant continue to suffer for a party that others are using it to advance their personal political and economic aggrandisement.

Watch out! 
Sir. John Danfulani 
I'm going alongside you"

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