Wednesday, September 30, 2020

FG to build walls around River Kaduna

The Federal Government has assured it would establish a flood control project by building walls along the banks of River Kaduna.
It said, the project when completed, will protect residents who battle flood annually from losing farmlands and properties whenever the River overflows its banks after heavy rainfalls.
Acting Director, National Water Resources Institute, Dr. Martin Edufie, who disclosed the Federal Government’s planned project, noted Kaduna has in recent years suffered spates of floods leading to loss of lives, properties including houses, crops, and even farmlands. He however said succour was on the way with the Federal Government’s plan.
Addressing the 2020 World Rivers Day on Monday in Kaduna with the theme: ‘Waterways in our Communities,’ Edufie said the plan was based on a yearly study on flood in Kaduna state.
“Very soon we are going to have a flood control project in Kaduna. We are going to have floodwalls on both banks of River Kaduna to protect the people.
“This is a result of our yearly study on flood in Kaduna state. Every year we study the flood in Kaduna and submit our report to our Minister.
“The Minister has taken steps to address the challenge. People are encroaching flood lane, we need to respect the waterways and ensure the quality of water.
“Water serves several purposes. World River Day started in 2005, every fourth Sunday of September to highlight the importance of rivers.”

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