Thursday, September 10, 2020

EVICTION: We have no where to go, Malali low-cost Residents cries out

Residents of malali low-cost who were evicted by security personnels without prior notice, allegedly on the orders of Kaduna State Government, took to the streets to protest their eviction which they said was an act of tyranny; stating that armed security personnels came to their houses and evacuated them illegally without prior notice, arrested some of the residents, with the claim that government have sold the houses to them at the rate of 1 million naira per room.

In an exclusive interview with Kaduna Political Affairs, one of the residents who spoke on condition of anonymity, said; " Just yesterday, at around 2pm, a group of people came in to a particular line in my compound, saying the house has been sold to some individuals, so they came to claim their property.
It all started 3 years ago, which we protested, then took the case to court, up to now the case is still on.The issue here is, if the governor is claiming the houses that he once said is an abandoned property, why is he forcing us to live without prior notice, where do we go to? We've been staying here for 43 yrs. We are the ones that maintain the buildings.

When asked if they had purchased the property, she said; " They gave us a form at 10000 in order to start processing for the rooms which we did.They promised to give us ownership then later changed the whole thing.

Did the men who came along with security personnels tendered a proof of ownership to you before throwing you out? 

"They only came with a man holding a long paper.They locked our gate, to avoid interference, then they threw our belongings out. There is a woman in Cameroon avenue, who complained that her daughter's laptop was  missing, her gold and some money were also no where to be found after the raid.

When asked if she thinks the government is behind the eviction as claimed by the security personnels, she said; "Some of our people made contact with the government house, some of the officials claimed they knew nothing about it."

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