Friday, September 25, 2020

El-Rufai's Wife wants a woman to be Installed as the Emir of Zazzau

Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s wife, Hadiza Isma, has sparked reactions after asking her husband to install a female ruler for Zazzau Emirate, following the death of Emir Shehu Idris on Sunday.
Idris had ruled Zazzau, otherwise known as the Zaria Emirate, for 45 years. His death had created a vacuum that needed to be filled by a new emir.
Kingmakers had been shopping for a replacement. They were said to have zeroed in on four males from the four royal families for the slot.
But Governor El-Rufai’s wife sparked reactions after she took to Twitter to ask her husband to appoint a female ruler for the Zazzau Emirate “In the interest of gender equality”.
According to history, Queen Amina, otherwise known as Aminatu, was a Hausa warrior that ruled Zazzau in the mid-sixteenth century.
Queen Amina was coronated in 1576 and was said to have ruled the kingdom until her death in 1610.
Elrufai's wife, Hadiza Isma Elrufai, took to her Twitter account to remind her husband of history, calling on him to consider a woman as the  new emir Of Zaria.
Using her Twitter account, she said; "In the spirit of gender equality, @elrufai can we get another Queen Amina of Zazzau ?"

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