Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Breaking: 50,000 people, Sign Petition For EU/UK to Ban El-Rufai from traveling

The Petition For The Government of the United Kingdom and the European Union to Place a Travel Ban on Nasir El-Rufai, for allegedly Promoting Genocide and Religious and Political Intolerance has now been signed by 50,000 people. 
This is a new milestone for the petition, which is already the most successful petition in Nigerian history.
This is even as the main dramatis personae,  Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, was allegedly caught spying on the petition for the European Union and the United Kingdom to follow the American lead and place a travel ban on him.
It was reported that automatically captured the name details from an email address when a person signs the petition and an audit of some of the almost 45,000 signees, show a signer digitally identified as Nasir El-Rufai.
Around the time his digital signature was captured, a counter petition was sponsored on the same platform. Unfortunately for Mr El-Rufai, the petition flopped, as very few people have signed it. In the pro-El-Rufai petition, Mr Reno Omokri, a bestselling author and Nigerian citizen, is described as an “enemy of the state”. 
The petition for the UK/EU to follow the American lead and place a travel ban on the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, is now officially the most popular petition in Nigerian history, having beaten the previous record held by the petition to the UN to take action against singer, DBanj, for alleged rape.
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APC enlists El-Rufai, Okorocha, others to reconcile Ekiti warring groups

The Governor Mai Mala Buni-led Caretaker/Extraordinary National Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress APC has appointed a six-member reconciliation committee for the party’s Ekiti State Chapter.
The committee chaired by the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai was inaugurated by the Secretary of the APC Caretaker Committee, Sen. John James Akpanudoedehe at the Party’s National Secretariat in Abuja on Tuesday.
Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr Yekini Nabena in a statement said aside from the Kaduna governor, other members of the committee, House Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Idris Wase, Gen. Lawal Jafaru Isah (retd.), Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Gen. Muhammed Buba Marwa (retd.) and Mr Ini Morgan who would serve as Secretary.
“In line with the mandate of the APC Caretaker Committee and the President’s admonition to party members to support the amicable and rancour-free settlement of internal party disputes, we call on our esteemed party members and leaders in Ekiti State to approach the Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai-led Reconciliation Committee with all issues so as to achieve amicable settlement in the State Chapter”, APC said in the statement.
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FG to build walls around River Kaduna

The Federal Government has assured it would establish a flood control project by building walls along the banks of River Kaduna.
It said, the project when completed, will protect residents who battle flood annually from losing farmlands and properties whenever the River overflows its banks after heavy rainfalls.
Acting Director, National Water Resources Institute, Dr. Martin Edufie, who disclosed the Federal Government’s planned project, noted Kaduna has in recent years suffered spates of floods leading to loss of lives, properties including houses, crops, and even farmlands. He however said succour was on the way with the Federal Government’s plan.
Addressing the 2020 World Rivers Day on Monday in Kaduna with the theme: ‘Waterways in our Communities,’ Edufie said the plan was based on a yearly study on flood in Kaduna state.
“Very soon we are going to have a flood control project in Kaduna. We are going to have floodwalls on both banks of River Kaduna to protect the people.
“This is a result of our yearly study on flood in Kaduna state. Every year we study the flood in Kaduna and submit our report to our Minister.
“The Minister has taken steps to address the challenge. People are encroaching flood lane, we need to respect the waterways and ensure the quality of water.
“Water serves several purposes. World River Day started in 2005, every fourth Sunday of September to highlight the importance of rivers.”
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kaura Local Government Chairman Allegedly Kidnapped, Motorcycle Rider Killed in Kaduna

Caretaker Chairman of Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Dr Humble Bege Katuka, has been allegedly kidnapped by armed bandits.
The motorcycle rider taking him to his farm on Monday morning when the incident happened was also allegedly killed by the hoodlums.
The farm is located in Juji Village under Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
It was learnt that the kidnappers opened fire on the motorcycle rider, killing him on the spot before whisking Katuka away.
No information had been received from his abductors at the time of filing this report.
Kaduna State Police Public Relation Officer, Muhammed Jalige, was unavailable for comments when our correspondent contacted him.
Chikun Local Government Area has become a hotspot for kidnapping and banditry in recent times as several persons have been attacked by hoodlums there.
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OPINION: Governor El-Rufai Is Killing The Hausa Shàgo Culture Of Northern Nigeria Starting From Kaduna State, By Saliu Momodu

Through out Kaduna State, Governor Ahmed Nasiru El-rufai through his iconic onslaught of mass demolitions, is killing the Hausa shàgo culture of Northern Nigeria.
The logic is for city beautification and perhaps most importantly, Internal Revenue Generation. So as you go around town, spaces where mini, small and even large privately owned and privately operated shops once sat are now opened up after what came mainly as an unceremonious deployment of bulldozers and catapillers.
These entraprenuers now stranded and aching from the predicament of their new realities are expected, if still interested in eking out a living, to go find and rent shops at exorbitant rates from plaza-like buildings and shopping centers. Buildings that appear to have been briskly erected by salient but shrewd bourgeois. Bourgeoises who hitherto have always cozied with the advantages and privileges of means and information on the impending draconian socio-economic policy of government.
It may be difficult to argue against a logic that seeks to harness sundry economic activities in a state for a boost in tax inflow, and as in this particular case through rents and royalties. But to ignore the overwhelming number of those shàgo owners and practitioners who must now return to unproductivenes, unemployment, despondency and moribundness is to be insensitive to the plight of a critically disadvantaged class of the society.
From where will these peasants start off if they are to ever continue fending for themselves and their families? How can they possibly source the capital required to rent out a shop from these ostensible shopping malls much less stock up on the wares to sell. Many of these people especially in this COVID dispensation have definitely been thrown under a racing bus if not literarily under a moving Catapiller. All these coming just when they thought they could still manage to clutch onto an age-long, yet enduring, practice of the shàgo as a lifeline to out-live this pelting economy.
People of Northern Nigeria, their young men from the bottom social strata especially, have over the decades been able to wrestle their share of livelihood and maintain some semblance of independence and responsibility through the practice of owning and running a small shop somewhere around in the neighborhood or right outside their various houses. These shops popularly called shàgo in the local Hausa dialect are the principal supply units for simple but critical consumer items. Big corporations like Dangote, Honeywell, Cadbury etc., have these shàgos to thank for being the last link in the downstream sector for the distribution of their products to the final retailer and consumer in the biggest cities and in the remotest extremities of the Nigerian landscape. Aside serving a life-dependent network of critical supply to those low income earners who only subsist on a hand-to-mouth basis due to the uncharitable economics unleashed upon them by government, these shàgos serve as the economic mitochondria upon which a poor society depends for an otherwise impossible redistribution and circulation of wealth among the poor and less privileged in our economy. On account of a neighborhood shàgo, those who legitimately earn or unabashedly fetch from our common patrimony could still handover some crumbs to the shàgo operator through the purchase of groceries, sanitaries, veggies, etc. By extension, those at the lower ebbs of an unforgiving socio-economic construct may earn just enough to go through another night-man, wife and children. But when even this oportunity is arrogantly taken away on the grounds of environmental beautification and tax scavenging, one can only wonder how those at the receiving end would fare in the immediate and medium term- not to mention anytime thereafter.
Now, talking about the aristo-centric economic gains that may possibly accrue from these developmental adventures. Who says this is the better way to go? By this approach, wealth will once again be made to perculate at the hands and corridors of those already rich and privilege ones. They will go on to own all the departmental stores and shopping centers while those that are purported to be running those shops and businesses will actually be slaving both for their principals through rents, and for the government through taxes. Mind you, there is a worse case scenario where large retail chain stores could simply snuff out the life from their smaller competitors through an unfair competition as already being staged by this demolition policy. And again, even if the present govenor may want to boast of his good intentions and judiciousness with the generated revenue, what are his guarantees for future administrations and for those men, women and their children whom he has violently taken out of circulation by severing their critical shàgo lifeline?
As a people, we have to be very weary of blanket imitation of Western liberal democracies just as we should be cautious in applying textbook examples of developmental models. One would have thought that government and her handsomely paid policy makers would be more charitable, pragmatic and sensitive in a Northern Nigeria that is this plagued with insurgency and widespread insecurity, drug addition, and out-of-school children. Yet we are greeted with a demolition orgy that luxurate in bringing down the lives and businesses of the poor only for a propping up of those already rich and privilege shopping plaza and retail corporation owners.
The way to go at this critical juncture of our national life isn't to place environmental beautification above human survival and sustainability. And regarding socio-economics, we got here in the first place owing to massive rural-urban drift as brought about by lack of armenities, infrastructure and social welfare in the hither lands. This migration still continues and there are little or no insensitives to stay back in those remote communities hence the bourgeoning population and accompanying petty economic activities as ever sprawling in the main cities of our country. It is therefore better to apply a voluntary pull strategy rather than a high-handed and unsustainable push approach as we see here. Through a pull strategy, people are nudged away from the urban centres for a return to the rural areas by making those far-flung townships and villages to be adequately viable living enclaves. People should again see reasons to pack up their belongings and head back to their local communities on humane terms and for real productive reasons rather than on account of the desperation brought about by hunger or the frustration and bitterness occasioned by government demolition campaigns.
An attempt not to yield to these candid, sincere, professional and humane options of going about an all-inclusive development would send many people into destructive alienation and many more away as recruites and foot soldiers for the very insurgency we purport to endlessly fight with the same hard-earned tax money we are gluttonously scavenging for. Let them hear, those that have ears.
God bless Kaduna State, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Your re-election is not only well deserved, but timely, Isa Ashiru tells Hassan Hyet led Executives

Honourable Isa Ashiru Kudan, a former gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has issued a congratulatory message to the Hassan Hyet led executives, on their re-election to lead Kaduna State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, in the next four years. 
Using his official Facebook page, he said; ''I wish to felicitate with the newly inaugurated Hassan Felix Hyet led Executives of our great Party, The PDP; whom have been given the mandate to lead our party in the next four years.
Without doubt, your re-election is not only well deserved but timely in order to enable your capable team to continue on the good work you’ve started. 
This victory is a clarion call to rebuild, re-strategize, build cohesion in the party, work assiduously for the PDP to take her rightful place at the helm of affairs state-wise and indeed nationally; to renew the trust the people have in our great party, the PDP. I believe that this team is capable of putting PDP in its traditional pedestal, which would culminate in seizing power come 2023, in sha Allah.
I hereby charge them to realize that their tenure would most certainly dovetail into the next general elections and while wishing them a successful tenure ahead, urge them to embrace the fact that the hard work of securing the PDP’s position as the number one political Party in the State and most preferred Party of choice for the good people of Kaduna begins immediately.
It is my prayer that Almighty God will give Hon. Felix Hyet alongside his Executives, the grace, Strenght and wisdom to direct  affairs of our great party in our State to a constant and Umblemished records of political victory. 
I want to also use this medium to appeal to all our party faithfuls to give all necessary support to the Exco to enable them have a good working environment to take our great party to the dreamland.
Once more, Congratulations to all members of our great Party." 
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Monday, September 28, 2020

OPINION: NO Shaking must shake in 2023, Ekene is coming, By Daniel Katung

It is no longer News that the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency are sick and tired of Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde, popularly known as no shaking. It is also not news that he has been the House of Representatives member, representing Chikun/Kajuru federal Constituency for over a decade, with nothing tangible to show. 
Aside the incessant killings/kidnappings in Chikun/Kajuru Local Government, the roads are horrendously bad. Not for a day, have i heard nor seen a Constituency project, initiated or completed by the said honourable, aside his hotels.
To the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency, our mumu never do? For how long are we going to continue to allow such a failed representative to toy with us? I think it's time for us to begin to see beyond party line. Winning the ticket of our favourite Political party shouldn't guarantee the success of a candidate in an election, it's time we change that. Promoting someone who has failed his exams over and over again will only give the person the liverage to be lazy. It is time for No shaking to shake, cause Ekene is coming.
Though i am a die hard supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party, which hasn't changed, i don't see myself supporting the PDP in 2023 if they make honourable Yakubu Barde their candidate. We are sick and tired of him. And that's something the PDP should respect. Failure to do that, some of us would support Hon.  Ekene Adams, with the whole of our hearts. The man has done so much, and is still doing alot for the people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency, and Kaduna State at Large. I don't know him in person, i've never met him, but his philanthropic works are evident. If everyone would campaign like Hon. Ekene Adams, then alot of persons would be alleviated out of poverty, instead of the usual vote buying during elections. He is a rare gem i must confess. A good option, incase PDP fails to do the right thing. So it's up to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to do the needful, or we'll move!
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OPINION: El-Rufai is right; Nigerians do think all governors are thieves, By Joel Popoola

Governors are the most suspected elected officials. Everyone thinks governors are just thieves… wasting state resources (and) not doing anything – Nasir El-Rufai
The above is the sort of opinion you hear all the time inside a danfo – but not something you hear very often from governors themselves. But this week Kaduna chief Nasir El-Rufai publically addressed he and his colleagues’ “very negative image”.
He was right. Nigerians do think all governors are thieves. The statistics prove it.
Research shows 72% of us believe “most politicians are corrupt”.. 57% of Nigerians believe that nothing will ever change, no matter who wins an election.
And other countries agree – that’s why the international Corruption Perception Index ranks us amongst the most corrupt countries on Earth. And 80% of Nigerians think that placing is deserved!
Regardless of your politics, no governor has done more to tackle the systemic and structural shortcomings of our democracy than Mr El-Rufai himself.
It was El-Rufai who trialled electronic voting in Kaduna in 2018, deservedly winning praise for his efforts to promote transparency and increase electoral integrity. Voters even reported enjoying going to the polls – which will hopefully encourage them to do so again in the future.
Even more strikingly four Kaduna elections were won by the opposition rather than the incumbents – a statistical rare occurrence in Nigerian elections. People knew their vote would have an impact. So they voted.
After a recent governorship election in Edo where only one in four voters went to the polls it is clear our nation needs to incentivise and encourage voters to vote more than ever before.
Its measures like electronic voting – which make vote-rigging and ballot-stuffing significantly harder – which are so desperately needed across Nigeria if we are to fix our current democratic deficit.
A coalition of over 70 human rights organisations recently united to raise the alarm about increasing vote buying in Nigerian elections, with convener Clement Nwankwo quoted as saying:“Politicians are increasingly investing money to buy votes with voters appearing to be willing to sell their votes.
“In the Edo State election this practice was widespread with all of the major political parties engaging in this infringement.”
With only 25% of Edo voters going to the polls it feels like the only people voting are the people who are being paid to. This is a bleak assessment of Nigerian democracy.
These allegations follow an election which has thankfully been described as “relatively peaceful” and “relatively credible” by the Centre for Democracy and Development.
But we Nigerians should expect more than “relatively credible” and “relatively peaceful” elections. I ask you, would you buy a car which is “relatively safe”? Would you purchase a pet which is “relatively harmless”?
Our democracy faces significant challenges. The first step to tackling them is better communication between electors and elected.
Mr El-Rufai has described the role of a governor as “one of the most difficult jobs in the world”. As both a Nigerian tech entrepreneur and as a digital democracy campaigner, I have seen firsthand how true this is. Local politicians are, for the most part, motivated only by public service and a profound love of their communities. They step up to take the hardest decisions for us, even when they do not like those decisions any more than we do.
But they need to explain themselves better. That’s why the digital democracy campaign I lead created Rate Your Leader, a free app which puts local officials in direct person-to-person contact with the people they serve. It also allows voters to contact them, helping them gain better insight into the needs and wishes of the people who elect them.
If politicians using the app are responsive and authoritative, and explain the decisions they are taking clearly and satisfactorily, their voters can give them a positive rating. If people see that neighbours who have interacted with their local politicians have all rated them highly, that builds trust in our leaders. And that in turn builds trust in our system.
Communication between the authorities and the public has never been more critical. As more and more Nigerian parents see their children returning to school after the disruption of Covid-19 they need to be able to trust institutions as much as they need to be able trust leaders. They also need to be able to receive vital public health messages instantaneously.
But with more Nigerians owning a smartphone than voting, the answer is literally in their hands.
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My daughter's wedding was supposed to take place in Zamfara, but because of the security challenges, we decided to hold it in Kaduna - Senator Marafa

Kaduna was on Saturday agog, as supporters and followers of Senator Kabiru Marafa, stormed Kaduna in their thousands, as the Senator married out his daughter, Architect Aisha Kabiru Marafa alongside 13 orphans.
Senator Marafa who played a fatherly role also took full responsibility of 13 other female orphans whose parents were killed by bandits in Zamfara ‎and gave them out for marriage.
The wedding fatiha took place at the Almannar Juma’at Mosque in Kaduna, with Zamfara State Govornor Bello Matawalle, former Kano State Governor Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, former Zamfara Governor Alhaji Mahmuda Shinkafi, former Kaduna State Governor Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi and many others dignitaries in attendance.
The marriage was conducted by the Chief Imam of the Mosque, Dr Tukur Adam Almannar who used the opportunity to call on other serving and former leaders to emulate Senator Marafa by also taking care of orphans in their localities.
“The Groom to the Senator’s daughter Al’amin ilyasu Abdullahi paid 100,000 naira as bride price for Architect Aisha Kabiru Marafa.
Dr Almannar said the Senator did all a father will do for his daughter as well as the 13 orphans which is commendable.
The 13 orphans were those whose parents were killed across Zamfara State due to bandits activities. We hope and pray to Almighty Allah to reward him for the gesture as we also urged other well to do to emulate him by assisting the orphans.
He also prays to God to bring an end to insurgency in states like Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and other parts of the country.
Meanwhile, Senator Marafa speaking to newsmen shortly after the wedding said, “My motivation to do this is the support I get from my people all the time. You can see the crowd that gathered here today, it is the demonstration of their genuine love for me, and I am not in office, I am not in control of resources. These are people who love me and believe in my struggle.
“So, I am humbled by this show of love because this wedding ceremony is supposed to take place in Zamfara, but because of the security challenges we decided to hold it here in Kaduna.
“We also decided to hold it in a low-key due to Covid-19, yet people came in large number because of their love for me”.
Talking about the security situation in Zamfara state, he appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to please in the name of Allah implement the resolution that was passed at the tail end of the 8th National Assembly, “where we called on the federal government to extend even if it is a small fraction of what has been done in North-East should be done in Zamfara, by constituting a President Initiative Committee on Zamfara state, give the Committee a seed money of N10bn and same amount to be given every year for 10 years to assist the situation on ground.
“The situation is that, between 2011 and 2019, conservatively, 10,000 able bodied men were killed in Zamfara State. If those 10,000 men had an average of two wives, that means, there are 20,000 widows in Zamfara, if you give them an average of four children per family, that means, there are 40,000 orphans in Zamfara.
“That is what informed my gesture to sponsor the wedding of orphans, because most of them are grown up, but their families cannot buy them even broom.
“So, I am calling on Mr President as the father of the Nation to look at that Senate resolution of 2019 and implement it because that is the only way we can curtail the spill over we are now seeing in Katsina, Sokoto and other places. Because, when people and hungry and some gives them a hundred thousand Naira and AK47, they will follow the person. But if these orphans are properly catered for and trusted persons are appointed to manage the resources, we can tame the monster called banditry to the bearest minimal,” he said.
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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Emir of Zazzau’s demise: Gov. El-Rufai showing how much he hates our people – Adara community

The Adara Development Association, ADA, has observed with dismay that Governor Nasir El-Rufai has used the demise of the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris to publicly showcase the status differential between Northern and Southern Kaduna people in his administration.
The National President of Adara Development Association, ADA, Mr Awemi Dio Maisamari, in a statement issued on Saturday, he said, “As a mark of well-deserved honour to the late 1st Class Emir, who died naturally, three days mourning period and a public holiday were declared by the Governor. Also, in a matter of a few days, arrangements are in top gear to peacefully appoint a successor to the throne based on established Zazzau customs and traditions.
On the other hand, the 1st Class monarch of Adara Chiefdom was abducted like a commoner and eventually assassinated in very humiliating and suspicious circumstances. And yet the Governor did not consider his tragic demise deserving of any extraordinary action, special honour, press statements, tributes or even ceremonial calls for public mourning by the state government.
“This was again followed by the greatest mark of dishonour and treachery to our monarch and Adara people as a whole. Our people were shocked to learn that Adara Chiefdom and Adara Traditional Council had been secretly scrapped by the Governor five months earlier.
The statement added, “The unacceptable scrapping of Adara Chiefdom and the creation of Kajuru Emirate on Adara land were made known a few days after the murder of our Royal Father. Furthermore, even the investigation and prosecution of the masterminds and executors of the crime are not being given the publicity, importance and urgency they deserve.”
The Adara people said these are displays of sharply contrasting policies, actions, attitudes and body language by the Governor on the death of two 1st Class monarchs.
This shows his total and unapologetic disrespect and disdain for the traditional rulers and people of Southern Kaduna. Therefore, the Emir’s death has finally unmasked Governor E-Rufai’s apartheid and segregationist system in Kaduna State beyond any reasonable doubt,” the statement added.
The Adara people said Governor El-Rufai has balkanized the largest Christian majority of Adara Chiefdom whose size covers only two local governments, but has left Zazzau Emirate intact with ten local governments.
The statement explained that the governor sympathizes and apologizes for Fulani terrorist attacks in Northern Kaduna but blames Southern Kaduna communities for the endless atrocities on their people by his kinsmen, adding that he has ignored the humanitarian crisis affecting tens of thousands of Fulani terrorist attack victims and internally displaced persons in Southern Kaduna.
The Adara people appealed to the governor to rethink his principles and policies in the interest of sustainable social harmony, genuine peace and equitable development of the state.
This is necessary in the overall interest of our helpless Adara community, other Southern Kaduna victims and even his privileged and favoured people who are also agonizing from the insensitivity of his administration,” the statement explained.
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Channel your energy into a more productive activity, Zamfara State Governor tells Kaduna man who embarked on a solidarity trek for him

Governor Bello Matawalle has asked a young man, who’s trekking from Kaduna to Zamfara in solidarity to him, to turn back and channel his energy into a more productive activity.

The man, named Musa Umar Giwa had on Thursday, September 24, 2020, embarked on a trek from his village in Giwa LGA of Kaduna State to Zamfara to show solidarity with the Governor.

The Governor, who wasn't pleased with the development, took to his Twitter account to air his displeasure, advising the young man to discontinue the trek and channel his energy into a more productive activity.

Using his Twitter account, he said; " I appreciate the solidarity of the courageous young man said to have embark on long trek to honour me.
As a father, i want to discourage young people from such dangerous adventures, i sincerely hope he discontinue the trek and channel his energy into a more productive activity."
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Saturday, September 26, 2020

PHOTONEWS: Southern Kaduna Youth leaders visits Zazzau Emirate, commiserates with the Zazzau traditional council and the people of the emirate over the demise of Alh (Dr) Shehu Idris, the Emir of Zazzau

Southern Kaduna Youth leaders visits Zazzau Emirate, commiserates with the Zazzau traditional council and the people of the emirate over the demise of Alh (Dr) Shehu Idris, the Emir of Zazzau
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KDSG approves N1.6 billion for pensioners

Kaduna State Government has released the sum of N1.6 billion for payment of pensions, gratuities and death benefits to retired civil servants, the Executive Secretary of the State Pension Bureau, Salamatu Idris Isah, has said.
According to Salamatu, who spoke with journalist in her office, the Bureau has commenced physical verification of pensioners, as only those verified will be scheduled for payment, adding that physical verification is necessary to ensure that only genuine pensioners are paid. This will also ensure that pensioners supplied complete information, including correct account numbers and BVN.
While disclosing that the Bureau is currently paying the 10th batch of civil servants scheduled, Salamatu lamented that there people in batch 1-9 whose banks were unable to pay because they supplied incorrect account numbers and BVN, thus the Bureau will ensure that all these information are supplied before names are forwarded to the banks. She also called on civil servants who have retired from the state and local governments to come to the Bureau with all relevant documents and information required.
The Executive Secretary disclosed that the current administration inherited huge backlog of unpaid retirement and death benefits running into several billions of naira which previous governments failed to clear, saying it is impossible for any government to clear such amount in one swoop. She commended the current administration for regular release of funds to clear the liabilities in batches. In 2016, Kaduna state disclosed that it inherited N15 billion arears of pension, gratuity and death benefits that accumulated since 2011.
Salamatu said: “we commenced payment of gratuities and death benefits on the 15th of September 2020 for batch 10. State government released the sum of 1.6 billion naira, and we will pay pensioners from the State and 23 Local Governments that have been scheduled in the batch that is ready for payment.
“We want pensioners and next of kin of those who died to come over for physical verification. We also want to use exercise to collect complete information from the beneficiaries because some of them did not give complete information to the Bureau when they retired.
Salamatu lamented that there are pensioners in the previous nine batches whose banks were unable to pay even though the money has been release because they supplied incomplete information while some supplied wrong account number and BVN.
She said the physical verification exercise will last for two weeks and the Bureau “have sent information to Local Government officers to inform retirees to come over for the exercise. But even after this exercise for batch 10, we want to revisit the list from batch 1-9 to clear those who didn’t get paid because of incomplete information. The money is there in the bank and the people have not been paid because of incomplete information”, Salamatu said.
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Friday, September 25, 2020

El-Rufai starts reading another book, says 11 Zazzau princes under consideration

The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has begun reading Robert Heussler’s “The British in Northern Nigeria” to get an insight on the appointment of emirs if the list of the aspirants is submitted to him for consideration and approval.
Recall that in a Facebook post on Thursday, the governor said he was currently reading Prof M G Smith’s book on the selection of Zazzau Emirs centuries ago.
“While awaiting the recommendations of the Zazzau Emirate kingmakers, I am re-reading Prof M G Smith’s authoritative epic on the selection of Zazzau Emirs from 1800 to 1950 to guide me in taking a decision. “Government in Zazzau” was published in 1960,” he wrote.
While attention is shifted to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House for announcement of the new emir on Friday, the governor said he is reading another book to see the trends and patterns in the appointments.
Against media reports that a list has already been submitted to him, the governor posted on Twitter that he is yet to receive the list.
“This @elrufai has not received anything. The Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters is reviewing the 11 aspirants and the assessment of all of them by the kingmakers. I will consider the recommendations then and select the next Emir IN Sha Allah.
“I am on my second book throwing more light on the emergence of the Emir of Zazzau Jafaru in 1937. I have also reviewed the secret files on his selection, & that of Emir Shehu Idris. I await the recommendations of the Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters,” he posted.
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Big Brother Naija: Kaduna artist paints Laycon, solicits votes

Kaduna based artist, Bamaiyi Danladi, has painted a picture of big brother naija lockdown house mate Laycon, soliciting votes on his behalf. 
The artist who became popular after his 50 Naira note painting went viral, painted an image of Laycon, posted it on Facebook with the caption; "Good Evening Family Meet My Brothers. Guys Voting Ends Today By 10pm. Icons Let's Do This One Last Time. We Have Just Few Minutes Left, Please Text VOTE Laycon to 32052 Or Use This Link"
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El-Rufai's Wife wants a woman to be Installed as the Emir of Zazzau

Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s wife, Hadiza Isma, has sparked reactions after asking her husband to install a female ruler for Zazzau Emirate, following the death of Emir Shehu Idris on Sunday.
Idris had ruled Zazzau, otherwise known as the Zaria Emirate, for 45 years. His death had created a vacuum that needed to be filled by a new emir.
Kingmakers had been shopping for a replacement. They were said to have zeroed in on four males from the four royal families for the slot.
But Governor El-Rufai’s wife sparked reactions after she took to Twitter to ask her husband to appoint a female ruler for the Zazzau Emirate “In the interest of gender equality”.
According to history, Queen Amina, otherwise known as Aminatu, was a Hausa warrior that ruled Zazzau in the mid-sixteenth century.
Queen Amina was coronated in 1576 and was said to have ruled the kingdom until her death in 1610.
Elrufai's wife, Hadiza Isma Elrufai, took to her Twitter account to remind her husband of history, calling on him to consider a woman as the  new emir Of Zaria.
Using her Twitter account, she said; "In the spirit of gender equality, @elrufai can we get another Queen Amina of Zazzau ?"
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Kaduna makes budgetary allocation to fight Rape, Sex crimes

Besides the recently gazetted amendment of the penal code law on rape; there are also budgetary allocations towards fighting sex and gender-based violence, SGBV, in Kaduna state, wife of the governor, Hajya Ummi El-Rufa’i has said.
She said at the weekend, that government would be revamping the SARCs and ensuring free services to survivors; Providing all the necessary personnel and making provisions to set up the Forensic Centre to fast track investigations and preservation of sufficient evidence.
Hajiya Ummi explained that “Governor Nasir El-Rufai and I convened a meeting flanked by some of the members of the KDSG executive council to discuss with key SGBV actors and development partners, with the aim of ensuring effective collaboration and synergy among all role officers players in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Kaduna State.”
He expressed his worry over the rising cases of SGBV and also his concerns on the need to have synergy among all key actors in fighting it. Highlighting the deep commitment of the KDSG, the Governor explained that: Besides the recently gazetted amendment of the penal code law on rape; there are also budgetary allocations towards fighting SGBV.
Revamping the SARCs and ensuring free services to survivors; Providing all the necessary personnel and making provisions to set up the Forensic Centre to fast track investigations and preservation of sufficient evidence.”
The Governor has urged the CSOs especially those in the field to Work together without competition or rivalry with one another, Refrain from inconclusive publicity and ensure to work in a way to protect survivors, not publicize them. Ultimately push for final convictions in order to claim and publicize their successes and efforts in the fight.
The Governor has also assured CSOs that they shall be evaluated based on performance and those who adhere to the guidelines successfully shall be given grants by the government.”
The governor’s wife commended the MHSSD for their work on SGBV and appreciated the UNFPA is the lead UN agency on GBV for all the technical/financial support and guidance that is always given to Kaduna State.
“UNICEF has also joined us in sensitization and training of judges among other things lined up. I expressed deep appreciation and commendation to our highly valued CSOs whose efforts complement and add to the success of the government in the fight against SGBV.I urged them to shun divisive differences and personal interests and cooperate to work as one large team that is strategically fighting SGBV for the people of Kaduna state.
I finally implored them to strictly adhere to the ethics and professionalism required in the handling and reporting of cases to ensure the absolute concealment of the identities, addresses and families of survivors for their own protection and mitigation of stigma.”
‘It is absolutely imperative to appreciate all the key actors for their commitment within their various capacities and efforts towards fighting SGBV in the state,” she stated.

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BREAKING: Kingmakers vote new Emir of Zazzau, submit 3 names to El-Rufai

The election of the new Emir of Zazzau was held Thursday night in Kaduna.
The late monarch, Shehu Idris, passed away last Sunday. In his honour, Kaduna State Government declared a 3-day mourning period.
Idris ascended the position in 1975, succeeding Emir Muhammadu Aminu.
His successor will emerge from one of the three ruling houses of the emirate. The incoming King will have to be a descendant of Musa (the first Emir of the Mallawa clan); or the descendant of Yamusa (the first Emir of the Bare-bari clan); or the descendant of Abdulkarimu (the first Emir of the Katsinawa clan).
All candidates were expected to express their interests after the third day prayers for the late Emir.
Ahead of the process, seven princes declared their intention to contest.
Two of the candidates are from the Bare-Bari clan, and the Mallawa clan.
The five others are from the Katsianwa clan – Iya, Turaki, Uban Gari, Dan Galadima, and Sarkin Kudu.
Five kingmakers of Zazzau Emirate Council voted. They are Wazirin Zazzau – Ibrahim Aminu; Makama Karami – Muhammad Abbas; Fagachin Zazzau – Umar Muhammad; Limamin Juma’a – Dalhatu Kasim and Limamin Kona – Muhammad Aliyu.
The election had in attendance Secretary to the State Government, the Head of Service, the Commissioner of Police, among others.
It was gathered that at least, seven criteria were adopted for voting.
These include Minimum qualification (BSc or HND) – 15%; Experience as a District Head – 20%; Experience in Public Service – 10%; No proven adverse report – 10%; Relationship with the public – 15%; National Award – 5% and Physical fitness – 10%.
Three of the kingmakers reportedly voted for Bashir Aminu – Iyan Zazzau. The chartered accountant and businessman, regarded as the most popular candidate, has served the longest as a titleholder and District Head in the emirate
Aminu Idris – Turakin Zazzau, and Muhammadu Munir Ja’afaru – the Yeriman Zazzau, reportedly got one vote each.
Three sons of the late Emir who expressed interest are Bashir Shehu Idris – Uban Gari; Sambo Shehu Idris – Sarkin Kudu; and Aimu Umaru Idris – Dan Galadima.
The kingmakers have submitted their report to the state government and are due to meet Governor Nasir El-Rufai Friday afternoon.
The names sent for “consideration and further necessary action” are Bashir Aminu, Aminu Idris and Munir Ja’afaru.
The governor is expected to make an announcement on the process.
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No Peace without Justice, Southern Kaduna Leaders Reply President Buhari

In their separate reactions to the president’s message, where he called on the residents of Kaduna to embrace peace and live together like brothers and sisters, the Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter of CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayap, and the President of the SOKAPU, Hon. Jonathan Asake, described the president’s comments as his usual rhetoric, that failed to address the security challenges facing the country.
According to Hayab, peace does not thrive where there is no justice.
Hayab urged the president to direct his call to “the state governor and his team, who think blackmailing citizens by calling them names is their way of resolving matters.”
Hayab maintained: “Ordinary people in Kaduna love peace and had been working hard to sustain the peace efforts but when those who should drive the process choose to abandon the good and true road to peace, what you see and hear is lip service about peace.
“You cannot find peace where justice is a scarce commodity. You may get a cosmetic peace but it has never lasted long. I wish to advise the government to take the UN (United Nations) theme for this year’s International Peace Day,‘Shaping peace together,’ seriously.
“Even the almighty UN knows that you can only make peace and shape it together.”
Also in his reaction, SOKAPU president said,  “That is his own usual rhetoric; this is not the first time he is making this type of comment.
“I recall when similar killings were going on in Benue State; instead of taking steps to apprehend the murderers, he simply said the Benue people should accommodate their neighbours.
“Who are the neighbours? The killers? So, we in Kaduna are not surprised with the comments coming from him because it is rhetoric and it is very unfortunate of a leader.
“Instead of finding solutions to the problem that has plagued our communities; he is saying people should live in peace.
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Thursday, September 24, 2020

How I intend to choose new emir of Zazzau – El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, on Thursday, gave an insight into steps he is taking to appoint a new Emir of Zazzau to replace Shehu Idris, who died on Sunday.
Mr Idris is expected to be replaced by a prince from any of the four ruling houses of Katsinawa, Barebari, Mallawa and Sullubawa.
Mr El-Rufai, who has the duty of deciding who occupies the throne said “he is consulting a book on the emirate to help him in making a decision”.
Four princes are said to be on the forefront in the race.
They are Yariman Zazzau, Muni Ja’afaru; Iyan Zazzau, Bashir Aminu; Magajin Garin Zazzau, Ahmed Bamalli and Turakin Zazzau, Aminu Idris.
In a Facebook post Thursday evening, Mr Elrufai posted a picture of a seminal work on the old Hausa kingdom of Zazzau which he said he is consulting while awaiting the submission of the Zazzau kingmakers.
The book is ‘Government in Zazzau, a sociological exploration of the old emirate’ and was written by a former colonial officer.

“While awaiting the recommendations of the Zazzau Emirate kingmakers, I am re-reading Prof MG Smith’s authoritative epic on the selection of Zazzau Emirs from 1800 to 1950 to guide me in taking a decision. “Government in Zazzau” was published in 1960.
“The kingmakers recommend but ultimate responsibility to choose rests on my humble. I must be knowledgeable about the process as the aspirants and kingmakers,” the governor wrote on his verified Facebook page.
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Kaduna govt challenges teachers to write books, be innovative

The Kaduna State Government on Friday challenged public school teachers to write books and come up with innovative ideas that would improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools.
The Commissioner for Education, Dr Shehu Makarfi, gave the challenge at the end of a five-day training for secondary school teachers in Kaduna, organised in collaboration with the Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authority, AFTRA.
Mr Makarfi said the state government would support any teacher that writes resource books to improve teaching and learning, as well as books to share classroom experience.
He added that teachers need to also come up with innovative ideas that would improve learning outcomes in public schools, adding that the government would ensure that such ideas come to fruition.
According to him, any teacher with a five-year classroom experience should be able to write a resource book for teaching and learning and equally write about his experience to inspire others.
“We are losing the African touch in our educational system because teachers are not writing, but largely depending on foreign books and innovations from their counterparts in other parts of the world.
“As teachers, we need to be creative and innovative in coming out with new ways to improve teaching delivery and learning outcomes in classrooms. “I urge you to go into writing and the ministry will support you. Come up with ideas to improve teaching and we will support you to develop the ideas into reality,” he said.
The commissioner said that the government would continue to invest in teachers’ capacity through training and retraining.
He added that there was the need for a tracking tool to monitor the impact of the training on learning outcomes to ensure value for money.
“While we will continue to train our teachers, we also want to see how the trainings are impacting the learners,” he said.
He disclosed that the ministry was working out a partnership with a foreign company to expose primary school pupils to coding and computer programming at an early age.
Salome Kennedy, Desk Officer, AFTRA in the state, said the main objective of the training was to improve the quality of teaching and learning in public schools.
Mrs Kennedy, the Director Academic, Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board, said that the training was the second in the series of training planned in partnership with AFTRA for teachers.
Earlier, the Chief Consultant to the training, Prof. Mangut Mankilik, said that the training covers issues on arts and humanities, classroom management, quality assurance, information and communication technology among others.
Mr Mankilik commended the state government for increasing the salaries of teachers and urged the government to do more in improving the welfare of teachers to get the best out of them.
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Southern Kaduna to get first private University

As construction of facilities progresses at the proposed NOK University, the first of its kind in the Southern part of Kaduna, the Founder, Chief Anthony Hassan, has disclosed that the University when completed, will prioritize science-related courses like Engineering, Medicine, and Environmental Sciences, in order to equip graduates with skills
This is was as NOK University founder, who received newly elected officials of the Kaduna NUJ Correspondents’ Chapel on a courtesy visit at the University’s permanent site in Kachia, cautioned against portraying Southern Kaduna as a dead zone, saying that, such will discourage investors from coming to the area.
Hassan said the decision to establish NOK University was to complement the government’s efforts in boosting the educational sector in the country, adding that, “considering the number of people who seek admissions yearly, the public institutions cannot accommodate them all, hence, the idea to establish this private University.
“The University intends to give science-related courses priority, so as to equip graduates with self-employment rather than have them depend on white-collar jobs,” explained that.
Speaking about the age-long Southern Kaduna crisis, the Founder said, the media have critical roles to play on issues bothering on insecurity in the country, particularly the zone, saying that, “if the crisis in Southern Kaduna are not properly reported, outsiders will perceive it as a dead zone, which on the contrary, it is not.
“There are States in the Country that experience worse crisis than that of southern Kaduna but people are given the impression that people are frequently killed which discourages them from visiting or investing in the zone”.
He, therefore, advised the media to report the ongoing peaceful initiatives in the zone, which he said will have a positive impact on the residents. “I have participated fully in the peace initiative process and have advised participants to convey the goodwill messages to their people. In the past, we all enjoyed peaceful co-existence irrespective of our ethnic or religious affiliations, we can collectively make that happen again.”
On her part, the Chairman Correspondents’ Chapel, Asma’u Halilu commended the state of the art project and described the University as a boost to the education sector.
She solicited the support of the Founder in the various activities mapped out for the Chapel, especially in the areas of capacity building.

In a related development, the Council of Imams and Ulamas in Southern Kaduna described the proposed NOK University as a unifying factor that will lead to a lasting peaceful co-existence amongst the people of Southern Kaduna.
The Chairman of the Council and Chief Imam of Kafanchan Central Mosque, Muhammad Kassim, who equally led a delegation of Imams on a courtesy visit to the Founder of the proposed University, in Kachia, said, NOK University being the first in the Zone and fourth private University in the North-Western region of Nigeria, will be an avenue for interaction and creation of a bond between Muslim and Christian youths.
Imam Kassim however pleaded with the founder to consider Muslims during recruitment, admissions, and issuing of contracts to give them a sense of belonging, saying that, “We have many philanthropists in Southern Kaduna but none has thought of initiating such beautiful edifice for our people to benefit from. Outsiders are reluctant to come to this part of Kaduna to invest, but with this Institution, the impression about Southern Kaduna will change”.
In his response, the Founder said, Muslims are already part of the contractors and will be considered for admissions too. “We already have Muslims as members of the board of trustees of the University and the master plan has provision for Church and Mosque.”
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OPINION: When we don't exalt and respect our own, outsiders will use us to praise and exalt theirs, By Smart k

I should not be misunderstood when I say not every life matters.
Agwom Adara was brutally killed, in a very abusive and disrespectful manner, and his council were not even left to mourn the gentle monarch in peace amidst the pains of his demise, rather the Adara elders were unlawfully detained and remanded in prison. He was also a first class chief, whom deserved to be honored considering the circumstances that led to his death. He died actively in service because he was returning from a state function. Nevertheless, i want to thank all Christians for upholding to the teaching of Christ in mourning and publicly expressing their love for the late Emir of Zazzau, may his gentle soul continue to rest in peace, amen.
Furthermore I sympathize with the people of Zazzau emirate and the kaduna state government, most especially Zaria local government council.
I cannot count the number of Christians who's Facebook profile pictures and story lines are filled with the late emirs pictures in honor of his life time, which is the opposite of what our brothers did when Agwom Adara was kidnapped and brutally killed later.

Was Agwom Adara not worth the public holiday then?
Why is the Adara nation still left in mourning, as the footstool of the Adara nation is still left empty?
Did the Adara people declined from accepting the appointment of a new Paramount ruler?
I hope answers will surface anytime soon

God bless the government and the good people of Kaduna state, especially the people of southern kaduna.
I urge us all to pray for the repose of their souls amen.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

BREAKING: Senator Uba Sani loses Step Mother

The senator representing Kaduna central, Mallam Uba Sani has lost his step mother, Hajiya Maryam Lawal Ismail. 
He described her as an exemplary mother; warm, caring, compassionate and God fearing. A leader of women and mentor to many, who impacted on her community and left indelible marks.
She was a fountain of knowledge and outstanding mobilizer for community development.
She will be sorely missed. We pray the Almighty Allah to forgive her shortcomings and grant her Aljanah Firdaus,"  he said.
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Buhari Sues for Peace in Kaduna, Says Let’s Live as Brothers, Sisters

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday appealed to the people causing mayhem in Kaduna State to learn to live with their neighbours in peace and harmony, without which he said development would be an illusion.
Speaking at the virtual opening of the Fifth Kaduna Economic and Investment Summit, Buhari urged the people to cooperate with the government and security agencies to pave the way for desired peace and harmony.
A statement issued by the president’s media adviser, Mr. Femi Adesina, said Buhari submitted that development would only take place when energies are collectively channelled towards building as against the destruction of lives and property.
He commended the government of Kaduna State for positioning itself as one of the investment destinations in Nigeria.
He described the economic initiative as an affirmation of the ranking of the state as number one in Ease of Doing Business by the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2018 and asked the state to sustain the status.
“We must live together as brothers and sisters because without peace, development cannot take place,’’ the president noted.
The president said he was impressed by Kaduna’s ability to use KADInvest platform to showcase its investment potentials, noting that the state has increased its revenue from N13 billion to N44 billion.
Buhari also observed that the success of state governments in attracting investments, creating jobs and increasing their internally generated revenues would be critical to the development of the entire country.
He said: “I am impressed that the Kaduna State Government has from inception used KADInvest as a serious platform for showcasing its investment potential.
The state’s commitment to consistent implementation of the Ease of Doing Business Charter is exemplary, including its ability to increase its Internally Generated Revenue to N44bn in 2019 from N13bn in 2015 without hiking tax rates. This is very laudable.’’
Buhari commended Kaduna State Government for making KADInvest a regular fixture on the investment calendar, held annually since 2016.
He also acknowledged the state’s resolute decision to host this year’s economic summit despite the disruptions of economic activities by COVID-19.
The president recalled how he had commissioned notable companies in the state in the past and various investments.
“It was my pleasure to commission the Olam Hatchery and Feed Mill project in 2017, about 18 months after the ground-breaking was done at the first edition of KADInvest in 2016. It is commendable that investors like Tomato Jos are creating jobs in the agribusiness sector, taking advantage of Kaduna State’s prioritisation of agriculture.
“I also note with delight the success of new investments in renewable energy like Blue Camel and tractor assembly and the revitalisation of poultry farms across the state.
The ongoing development of iron mining and steel processing capacity in the state through investments by African Natural Resources and Mines Limited is especially commendable,” he said.
Buhari pledged federal government’s continued support for efforts meant to attract investments with the capacity for job creation.
He added that much could be done to boost human capital development and expand the frontiers of economic development.
He also said he was confident that Kaduna would explore federal government’s investment platforms such as the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline project.
He sought the state’s cooperation with the federal government on the project as well as the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Highway.
“We believe that much can be done at the sub-national level to drive human capital development and expand economic opportunity. I note with delight the massive investments in infrastructure upgrade Kaduna State is executing through the urban renewal programmes in Kaduna, Kafanchan and Zaria.
“Given the track record since 2015, I have no doubt that the Kaduna State Government and its private sector partners will take full advantage of the economic windows that are being opened by federal government investments such as the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline.
The state government should afford full cooperation and support to cross-border federal projects such as the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano pipeline and the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Highway,’’ he submitted.
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KADINVEST 5.0 - We were growing but we did not diversify and that explains the huge levels of poverty in the country – Sanusi

Former Central Bank Governor, Mohammed Sanusi (II), says Nigeria has to take economic diversification more seriously in order to experience growth and development.
The former CBN governor who was the guest speaker on the second day of the Kaduna Investment Summit, explained that over-reliance on oil has left the country unproductive.
Referencing Malaysia, Sanusi gave a breakdown of the economic growth of both countries within a 30-year period.
According to him, for Nigeria “there was an increase in wealth but without any structural transformation”.
“We were growing but we did not diversify and that explains the huge levels of poverty in the country, it explains the huge levels of inequality in the country, it explains the vulnerability of the economy to shocks, it also explains the relatively slow pace of growth because when Malaysia started, they started from a GDP per capita level lower than Nigeria’s GDP per capita in 1985. It started from $310 to $4,045 while we started from $345 to $2,055”.
He also stressed the importance of the government creating the right environment and infrastructure for private businesses to thrive.
“One way to look at it is to understand the difference between production and consumption,” he said, adding that “electricity per capita is such a critical determinant for moving people out of poverty”.
Speaking further, the former CBN governor who is also the Vice-Chairman of the Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency, noted that with the right environment, the country can move away from being only consumers to producers of technology.
He urged the youths also to not only rely on the government but to create opportunities for themselves, including exploring the endless possibilities of their smartphones.
“We need to think over and over again as to how we understand economics and what we see. How do we understand technology or electricity are we consumers or are we producers and that’s why investment in human capital is so important.
“Produce young men who know that they are worth more than just using their phone to import a pair of shoes,” he said.
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Insecurity: Pastors, Families In Southern Kaduna Paid N420 Million In Ransom In 2019, Says SOKAPU President

National Spokesperson of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), Luka Binniyat, said pastors and their families who live in the area paid up to N420m as a ransom  to Fulani herdsmen in 2019.
Binniyat said contrary to President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim that the killing of Christians is a cultural thing, there is a government-sponsored displacement drive in the local governments that make up Southern Kaduna.
He said SOKAPU had 80,000 registered refugees displaced from 109 communities in four local governments.
According to him, all these communities have been settled on by persons of Fulani extraction, who are now farming on the seized lands.
While addressing his cabinet at a ministerial retreat on September 8, Buhari said he told the American president “that this – killing of Christians –  has got nothing to do with ethnicity or religion. It’s a cultural thing, which the respective leadership was failing the nation.”
Binniyat wondered when ransom collection became a part of the culture.
“It is either Buhari is bereft of information, or he is displaying his notorious incompetence in handling matters of security,” Binniyat said. “In 2019, N420m was paid to Fulani kidnappers and bandits by pastors, their families and Christians in four rural communities in Chikun and Kauru local governments alone.
“Our experience in Southern Kaduna is that of Muslim Fulani people killing, plundering and chasing people out of their communities and now living in these communities. What type of culture says you should displace and kill people?”
Between 1980 and 2011, when persons identified by the Sheikh Ahmed Lemu Panel as supporters of the current president went on a killing spree to protest his defeat, every ethnoreligious violence in Kaduna has always had an identifiable root cause, the literature on the subject shows.
Since 2013, however, attacks have become more consistent, intensifying in 2015.
Binniyat said the current reality is a recurring pattern of kidnapping and killing targeted at Christians.
He said, “The violence is targeted at Christians. In some areas, in Chikun, there are no churches again. The survivors of these attacks say the attackers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar – God is greatest’.
“We have consistently cried that as at today, 109 communities of Southern Kaduna in four local government areas have been seized by the Fulanis who are occupying them. If the president is not in touch with this reality, then it is a shame.”
Binniyat said while the bandits killed people, state and federal government actors enhanced the displacement drive through policy moves.
“These Fulani bandits have been encouraged by the statements of Nasir El-Rufai in the case of Southern Kaduna and the complicit silence of General Buhari. They may be attacking Hausas in Sokoto, Jigawa, Katsina and other places; they are not occupying their lands like they are in Southern Kaduna.
“The plan is not only in the use of arms; it is also in the use of state policy. There is a place called Kachia grazing reserve. It is 33,000 hectares in size. When El-Rufai came into office, he seized lands and increased it by 74,000 hectares, for the exclusive use of Fulanis. One hectare is like one and a half football fields.”
“The only federal project in Southern Kaduna is located in Laduga, a Fulani settlement and Southern Kaduna is more than half of Kaduna,” he added.
Although evidence that points to the ethnoreligious nature of the attacks exist, a source said peaceful Fulani communities were also suffering from the control of these brute invaders.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

El-Rufai urges NIPSS Alumni to find solutions to banditry

Gov. Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna State on Friday, urged Alumni Association of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies to use their expertise in finding solutions to banditry in the country.
According to a report by NAN, the governor, who received members of the association in Kaduna, urged them to make recommendations to the Federal Government for a holistic action to tackle the problem.
Step into this and bring all your experience to guide the government as to what to do to solve this problems as the national institute is the most prestigious public policy institute in the country,” he said.
On his administration, El-Rufai said that he dedicated his first tenure to improving human capital, and now focused on infrastructure development and opening up the state more for business investments and job creation.
According to him, in the first quarter of the year, Kaduna state attracted investment far ahead of Lagos.
“We have expanded the health care system, education, social development and Kaduna has lowest out of school children in the northwest.”
While appreciating the NIPSS Alumni for the visit, El-Rufai reiterated that he has done all he can to deliver social services to the people and bridge the infrastructural deficit in the state.
Kaduna State is an old state which all successive governments inherited all the basic structure of governance from hotel, airport, secretariat and many more that made successive governments more relaxed.”
“But newer states that had to start from scratch came to overtake Kaduna State in terms of infrastructural development because they had to build their universities, polytechnics, hotels and so on,” he noted.
According to him, one of the key challenges of his administration was to upgrade infrastructure in Kaduna, the state capital, which is a home for all.
Earlier, President of the NIPSS Alumni, MD Abubakar, said the visit was to commiserate with the government on the needless deaths of so many citizens as a result of banditry and ethno-religious conflicts.
“I said needless deaths because some of the issues that were the remote and immediate causes of this ugly situation could have been averted if Nigerians as a whole had fully imbibed the culture of dialogue in conflict resolution and appreciate the benefits of peaceful coexistence,” Abubakar said.
He called on every patriotic Nigerian to support the Federal and State Governments, as well as the security forces to eradicate all such unwholesome activities in our country.
“As AANI, we are in full support of your peace and security efforts which we believe will yield results, ” he said.
The group expressed its commitment to the peace and development of Kaduna State and Nigeria in general, and appealed to all Nigerians and the media to be more cautious in reporting national security issues.
“We also wish to emphatically state that AANI supports governor El-rufai’s efforts in repositioning public schools in Kaduna State, ” Abubakar  said.
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OPINION: The youths in southern Kaduna must begin to get involved not by social media, but by building relationships beyond southern Kaduna, By Unyem Dogara

I think Vayan Villageboi is completely misunderstanding the contemporary politics in Kaduna. Although I tend to agree with some issues he is raising with regards to PDP in KADUNA state and the emergence of the party leadership, anything going beyond that to invite bias of southern Kaduna segment is totally unacceptable. 

"If your people must be included fully in affairs, then they must be extremely active. The southern Kaduna people have proven over and over again that their interest in mostly personal and not the general good of their communities.

While others are holding firm of the two major political parties, building structures in both parties and making both segments a priority, some SK fellas relentless in making sure that they portray the region as PDP ZONE. Further, tagging those brethren who are opportuned to be part of the APC government as sell outs. Some of them may be sellouts as I'm not always in the know of all the happenings, particularly the politics of southern Kaduna. 

The youths in southern Kaduna must begin to get involved not by social media, but by building relationships beyond southern Kaduna. You can only attract socioeconomic development when you have the political leverage to do so. So many things with examples but this is facebook so i'll rather hold to myself. But Vayan Villageboi and others can think and do better.
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The Demise of Alh. (Dr) Shehu Idris is an irreparable loss - Isah Ashiru

A former gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Hon. Isah Ashiru Kudan, has described the demise of the emir of Zaria, Dr. shehu Idris, as an irreplaceable loss. He added that the North and Nigeria at large has lost a Quintessential Monarch in the late Emir.
"He was the last standing third generation Northern Monarchs who contributed immensely to National and Regional Development. He would be remembered immensely for his role in behind the scenes settlements, Peacemaking and Human Capital Development. During his reign as the Emir of Zazzau, we’ve witnessed rapid growth, tremendous achievements and expansion of his domain well into its present stage. I sympathize with the Entire Zazzau Emirate and the Good People of Kaduna State over this great loss. May the Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Al-Jannatul Firdaus, he said.
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El-Rufai to participate in Kaduna Marathon competition

Governor Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufa’i of Kaduna state has said that he had already registered to participate in the forthcoming Kaduna International Marathon and  would not do more than 5km.
He spoke in Kaduna on Saturday, saying the maiden Kaduna International Marathon 2020 scheduled for November 21,  2020 is expected to gulp N300 million with 10 elite athletes expected from across the world.
According to him, the 21km half marathon race, with the theme: Let’s Run Together’, was aimed at talent hunting, engaging the youth and attracting investment opportunities to the state.
He said, there would be prize money ranging from $10,000 for the winner to $1,000 for the 10th position in the male and female elite category and N3 million for the first placed Nigerian male and female ranging to N250,000 for the 10th placed runner in that category.
The inaugural edition of Kaduna International Marathon race will take place on Saturday 24 November, 2020 as half marathon. Kaduna Runs is designed as an annual sporting event of economic benefit to all. We hope it would help Kaduna state as an investment hub and spotting talent.
“Kaduna Runs is fully funded by sponsors and participants who registered to run. Kaduna runs is designed as a family and all inclusive affairs, it is 13 miles so it is less strenuous than full marathon. Registered runners can drop off at any point, as participants can run 5km, 10km. I have already registered and I would not do more than 5km.
We intend to raise the prize money and in 2021, we intent to put a line budget and double the prize money. It would be sustained until 2023 when we would leave office. Sports is a source of health and livelihood, a way of getting youths engaged and a business that can export footballers, athletes, basketballers. We want to revive Kaduna clay court tennis tournament, make Kaduna annual governors tournament to be an international golf event.”
Chairman of the organising committee, Mr Jimi Lawal said though there are lots of costs to cover, “we have few companies committed to be title sponsor, platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors. We are looking at between N250 and N300 million as cost of the Kaduna Marathon race. We are sure of attracting enough sponsors to cover the costs. If we can attract the sponsors, it shows that the competition is sustainable.”
The Consultant to the Kaduna Marathon race, Mr Bukola Olopade said Kaduna state used to be known as provider of sports talents but now “Kaduna state has grown from provider of sports talents to providing the infrastructure to develop the talents. We want to bring everybody together to participate the young, the old, the villagers, the city people, especially the women.
The Kaduna state Commissioner for Sports Development, Prof. Kabiru Mato said Kaduna International Marathon is part of the foundation to bringing the state back to its past glory as provider of sporting talents.
“Kaduna shall revert back to its old former self of sports production and reproduction. No city has produced more national team stars. In the next few years, we would lay solid foundation to make Kaduna greater in sports which is the rationale behind the Kaduna Marathon race,” he said.
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OPINION: With the news that Hassan Hyat is returning as PDP Chairman, what happened in 2019 is same thing that will happen in 2023, By Vayan Joseph

SK STAND UP. With the news that Dr Felix Hassan Hyat is returning as PDP Chairman, it is obvious that the status quo will remain. What happened in 2019 is same thing that will happen in 2023.
Come 2023, they will present Ashiru or Hunkuyi for us as option and as usual our political leaders will start mobilising us to pitch tents. We will use our energy in fighting for them meanwhile they don't have our interest. They will come with the story that we cannot win election so we are left with the option of "The Devil or the deep blue sea". You will see our political leaders hustling to mobilise votes for these candidates like they care, but not so; they are hustling for Deputy Governor, Commissioners, Special Advisers and many other political appointees. Thats their goal nothing more.
It's time we make a statement, a strong one, the same energy we use in speaking out against the killings, is what we need now. if we don't get our own in there nothing will change. They are all the same, they just operate in different frequencies.

Tell ME:

Tell ME what SK benefitted from Makarfi?
Tell ME what SK benefitted from Sambo?
Tell ME what SK benefitted from Ramalan?
Shit na shit even if e dey commot from different anus.
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I Don’t Understand Why APC Was Defeated In Edo —El-Rufai

Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai, has said that he was optimistic up to three weeks ago that his party, the All Progressives Congress, would win the Edo State governorship election.
The governor, who spoke on Monday morning while featuring on Channels Television, said the election was “reasonably decent”.
He said, “We (APC) would have loved to win and quite frankly, I was optimistic up to three weeks ago; the polls indicated that we were going to win. I don’t know what happened in the last three weeks of the campaign.
“As you know, a large number of voters make up their minds in the last two weeks of the election. Many voters decide no matter what happens, this is how I am voting but most people want to wait and make up their minds in the last two weeks.
“Three weeks ago, the polls clearly showed that APC was going to win but the result came out differently from what we expected. Obaseki has won, that’s it. You can’t go into an election without the possibility of losing. “The election was reasonably decent. We were all worried about violence but there was very little violence or none at all.”
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Governor El-Rufai Loves, Listens To Sabo GRA's Cries, Says President

Governor Nasir el-Rufai loves Tsaunin Kura (Sabo GRA) and has promptly responded to requests made by the association.
President General of Tsaunin Kura GRA Residents Association,   Comrade  Dr. Silas Adamu stated this while speaking at a dinner in honour of Chikun Local Government Area People's Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Honourable Jonah J. Musa at
Lesham Continental Hotel, Kaduna Saturday September 18, 2020.
"We have shown loyalty to the government and the government has also reciprocated, to show that this government loves Tsaunin Kura.
"In 2016, there was provision for roads and drainages for Tsaunin Kura but could not take place because no funds.
"We wrote and immediately the government sent in the relevant agency, KADRA and they came and assessed our roads.
"We pray that the political class we are hosting today will ensure the love the government has for Tsaunin Kura is consummated," he said.
Speaking further, he said that Sabo GRA Residents are very united and loyal citizens of Kaduna State.
"Let's join our hands together to bring development to our people," he appealed.
Member representing Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency, Honourable Yakubu Barde in his remarks said that the Chikun LGA PDP Chairman is a leader and a father.
In his vote of thanks, the Secretary General of Tsaunin Kura GRA, Barrister Dan Paul thanked all for coming.
He appealed to the relevant authorities to assist in constructing roads for the community to ease hardships suffered by residents all year round.
As part of activities, titles were presented to politicians from both PDP and the All Progressives' Congress (APC) for distinguishing themselves and identifying with the community.
Those honoured were Honourable Yakubu Barde (Embodiment of Democracy), APC Vice Chairman Zone 3 Kaduna,  Honourable Luka A. Shamang (The Pathfinder of Tsaunin KURA GRA), Former Special Assistant Research & Documentation, office of the Deputy Chairman APC, Honourable Daniel Gills Adamu (The Prime Mover of Tsaunin Kura GRA) and PDP Chairman Chikun LGA, Kaduna State, Honourable Dr. Jonah J. Musa (The Leader of Tsaunin KURA GRA).
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